How long does it take to become a successful lawyer?


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Depends but normally 8 years and then pass the bar exam.

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I takes more than five years in college to become a DUI Lawyer.

You don't have to take civics to become a lawyer.

What class do i suppose take to become a lawyer?

It will probably take about up to 10 years

Too long, you best off becoming a doctor or a lawyer.

what classes do lawyer need to take

a lawyer at least 7 years. and hardly any law firms will accept you in nowadays

You have to attend law school and take law at university to become a lawyer.

I think it takes about 4 - 5 years to become a family lawyer.

Long enough to know how to spell it! *lawyer To become a lawyer you will need to take A levels at College then get a degree in Law at University. It is best to not take Law at A-Level as many Universities (such as Cambridge) prefer to teach you it from scratch.

you have to go to law school and or pass the bar exam for the state where you want to practice.

Usually you study the law and take a licensing examination. Then you can start becoming a lawyer.

If you want to become a lawyer the you can take any subject in class 11 but in 12 class you have to score more than 75%. BY-S.A.M.C

To become a lawyer you will have to take courses such as civil law and criminal law, among others.

To become a lawyer with a bachelor's degree in psychology, you need to take the LSAT. After passing the LSAT, you will have to apply to law schools.

To complete the proses of becoming a lawyer it will take around 7 years.

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To become a corporate lawyer you need to first earn a bachelor degree, which takes four years of full-time study. That is followed by three years full-time of law school, after which you will need to pass the bar exam.

Within the US there is no such thing as a bachelor's degree in law. To become a lawyer you must first earn a bachelor's degree. Then it will take an additional three years of law school to complete the juris doctor (JD) degree.

You can become a lawyer (i.e. practice law) with an assault conviction. However, in most states you would not be able to take the bar and become state certified for a period of time.

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