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You usually become fertile when you ovulate naturally. You will know when you have ovulated because you will have your first period after coming of DEPO. This is a sign your body is now ovulating on its own.

how will i know that


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How long does it take the depo shot to kick in

Depo provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. it is not meant to make it easier to get pregnant.

it can take upto a year or more to become fertile again i hope this helps Some women begin to ovulate shortly after stopping their Depo shots, however many will take 6-12 months before they begin to ovulate regularlly again.

No, it's not true. You are not extra fertile after the shot, pill, or patch wears off.

You can get the first Depo Provera shot when you are on the birth control. It will become effective immediately, and you'll be able to stop the birth control pill at that time.

The depo usually lasts for 6 months, after this time women need to have another shot to remain infertile. so usually after 6 months you can become pregnant again. However, it can last a lot longer than that, the depo can really stuff up womens cycles and some women find it very difficult to get pregnant again after the depo shot.

No, you can take Adderall while using the Depo shot, so long as you have a prescription for them.

If you are on the Depo shot then when it is time to go back and get your shot they will tell you and you won't be able to get your shot.

You do not have to get a pap smear to get a Depo shot. These are separate procedures with no connection.

Yes it is it is called the Depo-Provera a lot of people call it the Depo shot.

No. you aren't given the depo shot until you have at least one child. This is because the depo provera shot has the ability to cause infertility.

For the most part you will not get your period while you are still receiving the depo shot that is the part that is good, you will however spot from time to time For the most part you will not get your period while you are still receiving the depo shot that is the part that is good, you will however spot from time to time

You can rely on the Depo Provera shot for pregnancy protection through the entire period between injections as long as you are on time for each shot.

i have been on depo provera for 2 years. after my first shot i did not want to get the shot again . but then after 6 months i started the shot again and have been on the shot since. it is a very effective birth control option.

The depo shot prevents you from having a period. Its nothing to worry about.

I have never heard of becoming immune to a birth control method.

No, not to my knowledge. It could just be a sympton to the depo shot.

Is there any way that alcohol could effect the way you act when you are one the depo shot?

Is it safe to take phentremine when you have taken the depo provera shot?

There are no known drug interactions bewteen the flu shot and Depo Provera.

You can get the next Depo Provera shot as soon as ten weeks after the last one.

I have the depo provera needle every 3 months. It is roughly 3 inches long , just the needle.

Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy.

Yes. Depo does not prevent UTIs. However, pregnancy is very unlikely on Depo.

If you are not on your period when you get the depo shot nothing will happen but you will have to use condoms for seven days after you get the shot to help prevent pregnancy ....depo provera only works immediately when you are on your period

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