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How long does it take to change fuel pump in Ford Freestar?


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about 1 hour at the most


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AnswerDepending on what kind of car. I can change the fuel pump in my 66 ford p/u in 15 minutes.The time required to change the fuel pump depends upon the location. Some late models have the fuel pump located in the fuel tank. This requires a trained person.

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The fuel capacity of a Ford F250 7.3 liter long bad truck is listed as 28 gallons. Ford offered an option for a second fuel tank doubling the fuel capacity.

3 on drivers side remove air filter assemble and hope you arm is long enough the pass side remove tire and reach in good luck and do not use Bosch plus 4 plugs you will be sorry

Unless it is a permanent filter mounted in the fuel tank change it every 75,000 miles.

as long as your little heart desires it to go

pull the coil packs off and get a long socket, or a long extension

where is the #5 injector? how long does it take to fix

Yes, replacing fuel injectors on a 4.6 L Ford F150 is pretty simple and easy. As long as the person has the correct tools for the job and is not in a hurry, then it remains easy.

How long does it take.to change a waterpump on a 89 f250

I have a 2002 Ford Focus and was researching this myself not long ago. From what i had found the fuel filter is on the passenger side of the care towards the rear of the care. You should be able to see it from underneath the care. hope this helps.

It is inside the fuel tank, an experienced mechanic can replace it in about 2 hours.

the brake fluid reservoir is in the back of the engine on the driver side, you will need a thin and long funnel that it will reach the neck of the reservoir, carefully add fluid, allways checking the level.

This will depend on whether you have the tools required, and how tall you are (at least from my view). To reach banks 1 to 3, you will need to remove the cowl from the front of the windshield to access the area you need to get to the plugs. You will need a long handled ratchet, as they are just nearly out of reach for the average person, but it certainly can be done.

If you know what your doing its takes about 1.5 hrs.

Your fuel filter should be changed every 50000km. Have it changed at your annual checkup. It doesn't cost much and really increases your fuel economy. (specially on an older car.)

I believe it is 19 gallons ( U.S. ) front tank on your 1987 F150 long bed

(short wheel base ) 16.5 (long wheel base) 19

It means Distance To Empty. It's refering to long many kilometres you have until your fuel tank runs out of fuel. Also note that 80 kh it will change higher number under less in 400kms Over 80 kh 900 DTE

No, fuel additives have no effect on the fuel pump. Fuel additives are really of no benefit whatsoever to your vehicle. The best way to help your fuel pump last for a long period of time is to change the fuel filter regularly. I recommend every 50,000 miles.

It is not adjustable. Only the ECM can change it.

normally 60k. if your car is 16v then do it do it. If you (unlikely) have a timing chain you could go longer. ask ford

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