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How long does it take to drive form Houston Texas to Seattle Washington?


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depends how much traffic

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Hello ,it will take approx 21.15 hrs to drive there. A total distance of 1417 miles. Thanks

It takes around 34 hours of driving but it depends on the rout you take and speed...

It's impossible because Seattle and Washington are not countries.

if you drive out from Sacramento at 5am you will be at Seattle around 3 to 4am the next day

It requires no time at all since Houston is the largest city in Texas.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 22 hours and 11 minutes.

2,522 miles if you drive and or just below 2,000 miles in a straight line.

Well u buy a map from a store and then u get i the car ! ANd drive to seattle from Washington dc

It would take approximately 11 hours to drive from Houston to Amarillo. Give or take a few depending on how fast you drive.

Austin to Houston is 165.30 miles about 2 hours and 45 minutes drive.

To drive from Houston, Texas to Memphis Tennessee takes almost 10 hours.

I want to drive my own taxi cab in the Houston or Katy Texas area.

It is 127.38 miles according to MapQuest.

It is 348.46 miles and about a 6 hour drive according to MapQuest.

There is approximately 309 miles between Houston, Texas and Paris, Texas. It would take about 5 and a half hours to drive in a car.

The driving distance between Houston, TX and Seattle, WA is approximately 2440 miles. The driving time would be approximately 39 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as weather, road work, border crossings and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

2200 miles. Takes about 3 days of hard driving. 10-12 hours each day.

It takes 1 hour 57 minutes to drive from Victoria, Texas to Houston, Texas in normal driving conditions. The distance is 125.5 miles.

It takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to drive from Houston, TX to Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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