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According to Google Maps, it takes about 1 day and 13 hours (2,219 miles) to drive from Long Island to Utah.

how long would it take to drive from san antonio, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts

About 45 minutes, longer if there is traffic or bad weather.

The times will vary a lot, depending on start and end points, but on average it will take 7 or 8 hours to drive in an east/west direction across Utah.

The shortest time to the nearest border of Utah is 19 hours and 7 minutes.

How many days does it take to drive to California from Massachusetts

That depends on whether you have a radar detector or not.

About 4 hours and 8 mins. unless your driving a truck.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 36 minutes.

The shortest distance from border to border is 340 miles.

It take about 11 hrs to cover 751 miles. , fron San Diego to salt lake city Utah .

From Harrisburg, PA to Salt Lake City, UT it is 2,039 miles would take 1 day and 11 hours to drive.

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