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Well...I guess it would depend on your college and how many credits you're willing to take each semester. You could probably find the section on B.A. in Liberal Studies requirements in your school catalog or even the school website which should tell you everything you need to know to get that degree...that's how it works in CA colleges, it might be different in other states/countries.

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Q: How long does it take to earn a bachelor's degree in liberal studies?
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How long does it take to earn your masters to teach preschool?

It takes two years to earn an associates degree (not needed if you are earning a bachelors degree), four years to earn a bachelors degree, and then one to two additional years to earn a masters degree after you get your bachelors degree. Usually, an associates or bachelors degree in early childhood education or a related field is all that is needed to teach in preschool.

How long does it earn a undergraduate's degree?

It takes 2 yrs for an associate degree and 4 yrs (total) for your bachelors degree. The answer is of 4 yrs because everything after your bachelors degree is considered undergraduate studies. When you work on your masters or.doctorate you are what they call graduate or professional students.

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He has a bachelors degree in English from California State University at Long Beach.

Will a diagnostic medical sonographer who has a bachelors degree earn a higher salary than one who has an associates?

Yes,diagnostic medical sonographer who has a bachelors degree earn a higher salary than one who has an associates,because a degree associates has become popular.

What degree did Samuel Adams earn?

Samuel Adams earned his bachelors degree in 1740 earned his Master degree in 1743

How long does it take to earn a bachelor?

it depends what youre getting a bachelors degree in

What college degrees did Franklin D. Roosevelt earn?

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yes masters degree must be earned to earn a bachelors but not in all caseshoped this helpedmack'n Me.ME

Where can I study for a religious studies degree?

There are many excellent schools to earn a religious studies degree. A website that helps you find the right choice is This website will list the top schools to earn a religious studies degree.

What are the types of different College Degrees?

Most Bachelors degrees fall into 2 main categories: the BS, or Bachelor of Science, and the BA, or Bachelor of Arts. Whether you earn a BS or BA is largely determined by the subject you choose to study. If you earn your degree in the liberal arts, it will be a BA. If you earn a degree in business, science, or technology, it will be a BS.

How much money will you earn with a bachelors degree in business?

It depends on your communication skills and your charm.

What is the average cost in the US to earn a bachelors degree in English literature?

Lamborghini Murcielago

How long does it take to earn a bachelors degree in psychology?

Usually 4-5 years

What is required to earn a Master's Degree?

at least four years of college for a bachelors degree and an additional 2 or 3 years for a masters degree

How many years to earn a bachelor's degree?

Typically four years to complete a Bachelors degree. Accelerated programs allow you to complete a Bachelors in under four years by a few months.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor's degree in cosmetology?

You don't earn a Bachelors degree...Cosmetology isn't a College like a University, it only lasts a year, and goes by hours, not years...The only 'Degree' you earn, is a Cosmetology License.

What degree do you need to major in kinesiology?

You don't need a degree to be any major. A major is a specialized field of study that one takes to earn a specific type of degree. Like Kinesiology would earn you a Bachelors of Sicence in Kinesiology. You will need a degree to earn a degree higher than a bachelors however, you must have obtained the Bachelors degree in order to progress into a Masters program, which is the first level in graduate school. From there you proceed into Doctoral. This is the final period of Graduate School, and in order to enter that program, you must have completed your Maters degree.

How long does it take to earn a masters degree in career counseling?

2 years, if you already have a Bachelors.

How long is a masters degree?

It takes approx 6 years. First you must earn am associates then a bachelors and finally your masters degree.

What degrees can you earn at radiology technician schools?

At radiology technician schools you can earn various associate and bachelors degree. It will depend on the school you chose to exactly what degree you can earn. You can earn degrees to perform ultra sounds, xrays, or read xray reports.

Can you earn your masters without having a bachelors?

A bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for the master's degree for legitimate colleges and universities within the United States.

How much does a graduate earn in Canada?

That depends on several things, such as what their degree is in, what degree they have (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D), and what the demand is for their particular field of education.

How many years of college does it take to earn a business bachelors degree?

A bachelors degree typically takes four years to complete, it can take longer depending on how long a student takes to complete curriculum requirements.