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I`ve heard that anorexics don't even notice that they are that thin. Im not sure if that's true or not. But as for another person to notice a weight loss on an anorexic persons body wouldn't take very long.

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2011-09-13 00:39:39
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Q: How long does it take to first notice a weight loss on an anorexic person's body?
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How long before you start losing weight if your anorexic?

About a week. Unless you drink lots of water, it will be mostly water weight loss the first week. After that, it will speed up, then after a longer while, it will slow down because you have ruined your metabolism. If you starve yourself for just a few weeks, you're not anorexic yet, you are just dumb. If you continue on this path, you will eventually classify as anorexic, but it takes a significantly underweight person to be an anorexic.

What do you lose first when you are anorexic?


Who can get anorexia?

anyone can get anorexia. first of all anorexia isn t an illness you catch from someone or someplace. its something that builds up in you step by step. but yes any one can become anorexic, but most people who become anorexic usually have a tendency towards it whether they realize it or not. if you are weight obsessed, weight dependent or have a low self esteem, you are more likely to become anorexic.

Does weight affect a child's first period?

it can, but it generally depends on genetics. if you are anorexic it will most likely make you get it later, and over weight girls tend to get it younger because you need a certain amount of body fat.

You only eat a bagel in then you starve the rest of the day does that make you an anorexic?

No, not at all, actually. First of all, an anorexic probably wouldn't eat a whole bagel at once. Even if you want to, if you're truly anorexic, you can't, trust me. Second of all, if it's just one day, then you're not considered anorexic, you just didn't eat much that day. It has to be something regular for it to be given the title anorexic. Besides, what lots of people don't realize is this: You aren't anorexic unless you're underweight. If you're normal weight, but you starve yourself, you are simply fasting, or starving yourself, until you're underweight.

Can you be anorexic if you think your fat and isn't and wants to be skinny or lose weight and hate how you look?

Anorexia is defined as being preoccupied with worrying about a person's weight and daily intake. It affects every day of a person's life and eventually affects their relstionships with family and friends. Just thinking about your weight and being concerned about your apperance doesn't mean your an anorexic. The best option is to work on accepting yoursef for who you are whatever size you may be. If you decide to lose weight or get in shape make sure you do it for yourself first.

Do you really lose 21 grams when you die?

No, i dont think you lose 21 grams of weight when you die. a scientist made an experiment, attempting to figure it out. the very first time he tested it out, the weight of the persons was 21 grams diffrent. in later attempts, with other persons, it was not.

What is first letter of the eight letter word that means starved?

Famished? no! A, anorexic

When is the first time an anorexic person faints?

Usually every day for the first 3 or 4 weeks.

How do you gain weight without parents noticing?

because you are builing muscle, do not step on the scales for the first couple of weeks of excersize, just start to notice that your clothes are fittig different and enjoy or you could just eat them in their sleep. You'll gain weight and they hopefully won't notice.

Is notice stressed on the first or last syllable?

Notice is stressed on the first syllable.

How many days do you know when you are losing weight by starving myself?

You will probably notice weakness and headaches first. Eating and exercise is smarter and easier.

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