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i think 4 hours if i am correct?


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It takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours to travel from Saskatoon to Regina.

i think it takes about 2 hours to fly from Calgary to Saskatchewan!

About four hours, inlcuding the border crossing.

Looks like about 12hrs 28 minutes according to google maps.

It takes about 9 hours from Moose Jaw. so about 9 and a half to ten hours depending were you live in Regina.

Five days with multiple drivers, stopping only for meals and sleep

how long does it take to drive to moosejaw Saskatchewan from Russell Manitoba

At least 12 hours, since you're going from one province (Alberta), crossing another (Saskatchewan) and going into the next (Manitoba).

It is 782 kms.The route:Take Trans-Canada Highway 16 EAST to HIGHWAY 11 SOUTH to REGINA NOT CITY CENTRE in Saskatoon, SK.Take HIGHWAY 11 SOUTH to REGINA.

The Moose Jaw is on average around 100 miles, which depending on conditions could take a few hours from Regina in the Canadian province of Sasketchewan.

How long does it take to drive from Boston to Sudbury Canada?

The drive from Manitoba to Regina is 571 km - about 6 hours 36 mins.I highly disagree with the above answer. seeing as most people drive above 89K/h... given i go about 110-130 safely. id say just over 4 hours.

It will take about 22 hours if driving non-stop.

It shouldn't take any minutes from Boston to Boston!

how long would it take to drive from san antonio, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts

375 miles (603 kilometres) taking this route:Take TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 WEST from Regina to SASKATCHEWAN HIGHWAY 21. Turn right onto HIGHWAY 21 NORTH towards LEADER.Take HIGHWAY 21 NORTH to Kerrobert.

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