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It takes about 5 hours.


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A one hour drive south of Portland will take you to Salem, Oregon-- the third largest city in Oregon.

It can be driven in 5hrs and 6min, but it could take longer depending on the route you choose to take.

It takes about 3 hours and 24 to drive to portland Oregon from sunriver.

From the city limits of Wilsonville to the city limits of Portland, figure about half an hour. However, portland is a big enough city certain parts of town might add up to another half hour, depending on traffic and such.

A one way from Portland, Oregon to Malé, Maldives would take approximately 18 hours.

It takes about thirteen hours to fly from Portland Oregon to London England

195 miles. This is the route:Take OR-38 EAST from Reedsport to I-5 NORTH.Take I-5 NORTH to Portland.

how long does it take to receive mail from Portland's Oregon to manteca California

Portland, Oregon is approx. 12 hrs. Portland, Maine is approx. 17 hrs.

A flight from Vancouver to Portland would take about 1 hour.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 28 hours and 23 minutes.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 43 hours and 49 minutes.

768 ÷ A Your answer should be somewhere near 12.5 hours.

It will take approximately one day, 19 hours and 30 minutes (not including layovers)

How many planes does it take to get from Memphis Tennessee to Portland Oregon

The answer is all about traffic. Depending on the time and the route it can take ten minutes to an hour.

If you take the I-84 it should take about 7 and a half hours

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