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How long does it take to fly from Seattle to Buenos Aires?

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A typical flight between Seattle and Buenos Aires would have a flying time of about 13 hours, 47 minutes.

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Q: How long does it take to fly from Seattle to Buenos Aires?
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How long does it take to fly from Italy to Buenos Aires?

one minute

How long does it take to fly from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires?

10-14 hours

How long would it take to sail from Shanghai to Buenos Aires?

don't sail, fly

How long does it take to get from London Gatwick airport to Buenos Aires?

It would take at least 18 hours

How long does it take to fly from Caracas Venezuela to Buenos Aires Argentina?

humans can't fly

How long does it take to fly from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro?

It will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

How long does it take to get to Buenos Aires Argentina from Houston Texas?

How Far Is It? Distance From: Houston, TX Distance To: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDistance:5032.1 miles8098.4 kilometers4372.8 nautical miles

How long does it take to get to Buenos Aires Argentina from Atlanta GA?

the real distance is 432,908 sq. miles.

How do you get to the Buenos Aires domestic airport?

yo call a taxi and say take us to the buenos aires domestic airport use your brain people.

How long does it take to fly to Argentina from New York?

It took me 11 hours in a 767 aircraft into Buenos Aires

How long is a flight from Argentina to floronopolis Brazil?

I do not know the exact number, but if the flight is from Buenos Aires, it will take you around 2 hours. It took me a little more than 2 hours to fly from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo.

How many hours does it take to fly from from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires?


How long does it take to fly from Buenos Aires to Vancouver?

Buenos Aires (BUE) to Vancouver, BC (YVR)Shortest Flight Duration * 19 hours 30 mins * Via Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Apt, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Flight time sydney to buenos aires?

A flight from Sydney, Australia, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, would take about 15 hours and 12 minutes. The distance spanned by this flight is about 7,346 miles.

How long does it take to get to Argentina from England?

From London to Buenos Aires about 13 hours, more or less, according to the British Airways website

Where does the movie evita take place?

Evita Takes place mainly in Buenos Aires Argentina

Where can I take a short culinary course of Argentine cuisine in Buenos Aires?

I recommend you take a look at Cooking classes in Buenos Aires with Teresita. Her website is or you can call 4293-5992. To call Argentina you must dial first 541 + 14293-5992.

How much time does it take to fly from buenos aires to san Jose Costa Rica?

9hr 38min Buenos Aires (EZE) to San Jose Juan Santamaria (SJO) by TACA International Airlines (1 stop).

Which airport in buenos aires is close to the universidad de buenos aires?

The only airport which is actually IN Buenos Aires is Aeroparque Jorge Newberry which is located near the Rio de la Plata in the north of the city. The other two airports are Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini which is located to the South of Buenos Aires and is a 40 minute drive from most of the city and Comandante Espora Aero Station in Bahia Blanca which is also to the South of Buenos Aires. La Universided de Buenos Aires has 13 separate campuses. Two of them are in Nuniz in the North of Buenos Aires. The rest are scattered all over the city. However, Jorge Newberry would seem to be the closest but you would probably have to take a connecting flight from Ministro Pistarini which handles almost all of the foreign traffic even though the other two are also internation airports.

How long does it take to fly from Argentina to japan?

A flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Tokyo, Japan takes approximately 23 hours 20 minutes. The distance is 11,415 miles.

How long did it take by ship from England to buenos aires in the 1920's including stop-overs?

About 10 days by Liner, much more by cargo or tramp steamer.

How many hours is Argentina away from Mexico?

Mexico City is 7,412 Km (4,606 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires. There are also no direct flights between Mexico and Argentina. Common connections include Miami (US) or Santiago (Chile), meaning your flight may take from 13 hours (Mexico City - Miami - Buenos Aires) to 16 hours or more (Mexico City - Santiago - Buenos Aires).

How long does it take the ferry from seattle to Vancouver?

how long to ferry from seattle to vancouver canada

How long does it take for a ship to get to Antarctica from the UK?

It takes around four days to get there in total. You can only cross over to Antarctica from Buenos Aires, The worlds southern most city. It takes 15hrs from the UK to get to Buenoes Aires by Plane. Then it takes 2 days by boat to get from there to Antarctica. Hope this helps you.

How long does it take to get from Seattle to Orlando?

How many days does it take from Seattle to Orlando driven?