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There actually done seperatly and it takes like a minute, but very painful! 2nd answer- It depends on the piercer ( the better the piercer the shorter the time it takes to be done) and on how still you keep. Mine took about 3minutes and i didnt find it all that painful! It was bareable and nowhere near what i expected it to be from reading all of the hype. If you want it, id say go for it! it looks amazing :)

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How long does it take for an industrial piercing to close?

The longer the piercing is kept the longer it will take for it to close once it is removed.

How long before you can remove an industrial piercing and not have it close up.?

1 year after having it done, you can take the jewellery out for an 8 hour period without fear of the piercing closing up.

How long until you can take out your industrial piercing?

Well it should be healded in about 2 months:)

Are industrial piercing gauges visible when you take the piercing out?

They are if you have short hair

How long does an industrial piercing take?

About 5-10 minutes depending on the regulations in your area. It will take about 3 months to heal.

Is it ok to take off your industrial piercing?

yes it is ok to take it out. but don't leave it out for too long because it will close up. i have mine done and the longest i have had it out without it closing up is up to 5 days

How long can you take out an industrial piercing?

It depends on how long you have had the piercing, if it's just been a few weeks, do not remove the piercing. If it has been over a year or more, you can probably have it out for a day or so before it is a tight squeeze to get the jewelry back in.

How long does it take for the swelling of an industrial piercing to go down?

Good Question, depending on how it was done and how you take care of it, it could take up to 6 - 8 weeks for the swelling to go down.....I actually think it's a long time for swelling, but again I dont know how it was done or how you took care of it.....Hope this helps.................

How long does it take for a tongue piercing to close up after it heals?

It takes as long as it takes once a piercing has healed it depends on haow long you leave the jewellery out, if you are done with the piercing it can take a few days to several weeks for the piercing to actually close once it's a seasoned piercing (seasoned being over a year old).

How long does it take for an industrial to close up after a week of being pierced?

It can take up to 12 weeks for an Industrial piercing to close up. Possibly even longer, as long as you clean the area with salen solution it will heal up just fine, DO NOT turn, the piercing it will do that by daily wear. And DO NOT take the piercing out, the skin will grow back together very quickly and cause the punctures to close, meaning you just paid for a piercing, that is no good anymore.

How long will your tongue piercing take to heal if you take it out?

within 2 days you would never know you had it done

Does the industrial piercing hurt more the belly button piercing?

It hurts way more! Industrial piercing is not as straightforward as traditional piercing, it is considerably more painful; The piercing, can take between three months to one year to fully heal.

How old do you have to be to get an industrial ear piercing?

You dont have to be 14 to get your Industrial Ear Piercing. I Refuse That Age Because Age Is Just A Number. I Am Getting Mine Done In About 3 To 4 Months And I Am Only 13 Years Old. Mom And Dad Said They Would Take Me To Get It Done, And They Dont Really Care What I do After I Get My Piecing.

How long do you have to wait to take out industrial piercing?

2 months but it takes 6 months up to a year to completely heal

How long does it take for a lip piercing?

umm.. if your getting it prof. done like maybe 10 min.

How long does it take a tongue piercing for your swelling to go done so you can eat?

About 3 days max.

How long does it take for a piercing to close up?

It really depends on the type of piercing and long you've had the piercing.

How long does it take a cartilige piercing to heal?

Done properly a cartilage piercing will be lightly healed in about 4~6 weeks. When I say done properly, I mean done by a professional body piercer using a needle process piercing, not a piercing gun piercing. Piercing guns don't cut the tissue they in fact tear the tissue, this can prolong healing time as well as cause serious healing issues.

Im getting an industrial piercing soon is there anything that would lower the pain?

Well you could take some Ibuprofen or Advil before you get the piercing done, but be sure to advise your piercer about your plan before you go for the piercing. Some piercers don't like clients taking any medications unless they are prescribed before a piercing is done. So check with you piercer first.

How long does it take for an eyebrow piercing to heal after getting it pierced?

i had mine done and it healed in 6 and a bit weeks

How long does it take lobe piercing to heal?

Usually between 4-6 months depending on how well you take care of it and how well it was done.

How long does it take for your tragus to heal after piercing?

depending on how well you take care of it and how well it was done, usually between 6 to 12 months.

How do you take care of an industrial piercing?

You need to keeep it clean with salt water.

Do you have to take out lip piercing when getting your tongue done?

Nope, i've had my tongue pierced, and i didn't have to take my lip piercing out.

What type of equipment is used for an industrial piercing?

You know what, I wouldn't be too worried about what equipment is used for an industrial piercing. Why? Well see I am going to tell you that if you want and industrial piercing you better go to a professional body piercing studio and get it done there. Leave piercing to the professionals, the structures of the ear cartilage are complex and if the piercing is not laid out correctly and done correctly long term damage can be done. Lumps, bumps, irritation, bleeding are not things you want to experience Only a professional body piercer can layout the piercing and perform it without all the concerns you are going to have trying to do it yourself. I could go into all the medical terminology and list it all out, but you wouldn't understand it, so lets just say that a professional body piercer can take care of your request with a minimum of discomfort and maximum amount of satisfaction. WikiAnswers is not a venue to provide DIY information that could lead to personal injury.