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How long does it take to get from Manchester to Leeds?

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That depends on the traffic, weather and the mode of transport. Just under an hour on a good day by car - 58 miles.
If you dont hit heavy traffic you should do it comfortably at legal speeds in 1 hour give or take 5 minutes.

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How long it can take to get from Manchester to Leeds by train depends upon the service. Some services take 49 minutes while others take 1 hour and 30 minutes.

160 miles taking this route:Take A55, from Holyhead, to M56 MANCHESTER. Follow signs.Take M56 across to M6(N) to LEEDS and MANCHESTER (N) (via M62) at J9.Take M6 to M62 to LEEDS and MANCHESTER (N) at J21A.Take M62 across to LEEDS, via M60 RING ROAD (N) around Manchester.

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I travel from Swinton (West Manchester/Salford) to Leeds every day at the moment. If I set off at 6am, I make it there for about 6.50, which is around how long the journey should take. Setting off at 6.30am will see me arrive at about 8am, so a 90 minute journey. Leaving at 7pm gets me there at 9pm... and you can expect a rush hour journey from Manchester - Leeds or return to take that long. Short answer: Non rush hour - 45 - 1 hour rush hour: 90 mins to 2 hours

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103 miles taking this route:Take M62(W) MANCHESTER, from Leeds, to M60 RING ROAD (E & S) to MANCHESTER AIRPORT at J18.Take M60 RING ROAD, around Manchester, to M56 to CHESTER at J4.Take M56 to M53 to WREXHAM at J15.Take M53 to A483 WREXHAM via A55.Take A483 to Wrexham.

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Our Leeds to Manchester airport transfer service is available 24/7 so if you have a flight to catch at odd hrs, give us a shout and we will be happy to help you. You can pre-book your taxi from Leeds to Manchester airport or ring us at the last minute, with a large fleet, we are able to cover all districts in Leeds so whether you are looking for Leeds to Manchester airport taxi service or a cab from Manchester airport back to Leeds, we will be happy to help you with whatever your needs are.

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Depends which way you go. To Leeds, it normally takes me 30-45 minutes but rush hour expect 1 1/2 hours.

Yorkshire is a big place, 4 counties. Manchester to Leeds by train is just under an hour.

Yes, Transpennine Express operatse a direct service to from Leeds to Manchester Airport railway station. The journey takes around 1hr 20mins.

74 miles taking this route:Take A570, from Southport, to M58 MOTORWAY towards MANCHESTER (via M6 & M62).Take M58 to M6 MANCHESTER (via M62).Take M6 to M62 to MANCHESTER and LEEDS at J21A.Take M62 to A644 DEWSBURY at J25, via M60 around Manchester.Take A644 into Dewsbury.

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