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How long does it take to get from the new Bangkok airport to Sukhumvit hotel area?



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this depends on the departure and arrival time, weekdays, weekends, night time morning !!!!! but it usually takes 30 to 40 min by taxi, however, it could even take 2 hours if you are really unlucky.

you might want to plan ahead to allow for rush hour traffic on Sukhumvit Road.

tip: go to google maps and put your directions and its gonna tell you how long is it, how long is it gonna take you to get there, but its not accurate

* In general terms, the roads don't start to get bad on weekdays until about 6:30 AM. * They get progressively worse up until about 9 AM and then slowly improve. * They start to back up again about 4:30 PM with the worst coming about 6:30 PM. * By 10 PM, they usually aren't bad. * Weekends (especially mornings and particularly Sundays) are better than weekdays. * Construction, accidents and the inexplicable can, however, cause jams at any time day or night.