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this depends on the departure and arrival time, weekdays, weekends, night time morning !!!!! but it usually takes 30 to 40 min by taxi, however, it could even take 2 hours if you are really unlucky.

you might want to plan ahead to allow for rush hour traffic on Sukhumvit Road.

tip: go to Google maps and put your directions and its gonna tell you how long is it, how long is it gonna take you to get there, but its not accurate

* In general terms, the roads don't start to get bad on weekdays until about 6:30 AM. * They get progressively worse up until about 9 AM and then slowly improve. * They start to back up again about 4:30 PM with the worst coming about 6:30 PM. * By 10 PM, they usually aren't bad. * Weekends (especially mornings and particularly Sundays) are better than weekdays. * Construction, accidents and the inexplicable can, however, cause jams at any time day or night.

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Does Bangkok have beachs?

No, Bangkok does not have beach. The closest beach area from Bangkok is to the east of Bangkok, Bang Saen, or the more popular one Pattaya.

What is the area of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bangkok?

The area of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bangkok is 18,831 square kilometers.

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Is it safe to travel to Bangkok in may 2010?

The Suvarnabhumi airport is about 20 min. southeast of the main part of the city, so if your destination is elsewhere in the country you are good to go. The previous rounds of protests were centered at the airport, but this has changed. Most of the trouble has been in the downtown area, unfortunately near the gov't offices and the tourist areas on Rattanakosin Island and along Silom and Sukhumvit Rds. The big market area around Chatachuk and the old Don Muang airport to the north have escaped too much attention. This morning some sort of settlement was reached with the Red Shirt Thaksin supporters and this may calm things down along with the apparent fact that Thaksin himself died a few days ago.

What is the country code and area code of Bangkok Thailand?

The country code and area code of Bangkok, Thailand is 66, (0)21.

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Is Bangkok smaller than Seattle?

No - Bangkok is about 5 times the area of Seattle, and 15 times the population.

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What is the climate in Bangkok?

Bangkok, Thailand has a tropical climate. There is also a rainy season in the city, because it is in an area that experiences monsoons.

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Is Bangkok safe?

Yes,I was in Bangkok though the protest and never felt unsafe. The protesters were in a designated area,all you had to do was stay away from that area. Don't believe everything you hear in the news media. go to Bangkok and enjoy I will go back Aug,31.

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What is true of Bangkok?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Its metropolitan area is home to more than one fifth of the total population of Thailand.

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What is the floor area of Suvarnabhumi Airport?

The floor area of Suvarnabhumi Airport is approximately 8000 acres.