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You could get pregnant even on your wedding night if you don't take precautions.


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Having HPV does not effect how long it may take you to get pregnant.

Yes, just as easily as it is possible to get pregnant before marriage. The date and day of the wedding is arbitrary to becoming pregnant.

ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage

it not very long.. once you get marriage licnese and go to wedding the pastor signed the paper and you take back where you get that paper from then they will print new marriage licnese. that it.

California does not recognize common law marriage.

You can take a bath if you are pregnant as long as the water does not exceed 98 degrees.

A marriage license can be procured in 24 hours in Jamaica.

If you are trying to get pregnant then you should not take the pill at all.

Immediately. You can become pregnant at any time in your cycle.

To find out that you are pregnant,it takes 10-14 days.

You get pregnant at the time of conception and it only takes a split second for it to happen.

It takes a month after marriage to be pregnant then at around 58 days after the baby is born and boy that baby can be a pain so make sure you have a rattle to shut it up when it starts screaming.

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

because she is not married so she is not pregnant Pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse, not of marriage. Many societies disapprove of pregnancy outside marriage, but there are many girls who get pregnant outside marriage.

How long does it takes to get a permanent green card if you applied to remove the temporary one from marriage in virginia state

it takes about two (2) years to get pregnant

Withdrawal DOESN'T work. You'll get pregnant!

You need to have sex to get pregnant. Not prenadal vitamins.

The guinea pig can get pregnant in a matter of a few minutes.

It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to know if your pregnant or not.

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