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How long does it take to get to Dubai from England?


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There is about 3,490 miles between Dubai and Birmingham, England. It would take 7 and a half hours to fly from Dubai to England.

About 6 and a half hours about 3,600 miles

Forever! Officially 4 International Banking days, so that excludes Friday-Sunday as these are weekend overlap between Dubai and England.

Flight:London (LON) to Dubai (DXB)Flight Duration 6 hours 50 minsDistance:The distance between London, England and Dubai, UAE is 3407 miles (5483 km).

Birmingham (BHX) to Auckland (AKL)Shortest Flight Duration * 28 hours 35 mins * Via Dubai, Dubai (DXB)

just tell me how long it takes to take a plane from Athens to Dubai

Travel time to (by plane) : (7 Hours)

A flight from Dubai to Manilla would take about 9 hours.

flight time from Malaysia to Dubai is about 7 - 7.5 hours

A flight from Dubai to Singapore would take about 8 hours.

It takes 3 hours flight from Istanbul,Turkey to Dubai

Just did this journey yesterday on Emirates and it took 7 hours. Does anyone know how many miles it is?

A flight from Chicago to Dubai would take about 16 hours.

It takes approximately one and a half hour to travel from Dubai to Karachi.

how long does it take to sail from Pakistan to England

Flight:Dubai (DXB) to London (LON)Flight Duration 7 hours 35 minsDistance:The distance between Dubai, UAE and London, England is 3407 miles (5483 km).

The distance from Japan to Dubai by car is 4,837.33 miles. This would take about 198 hours and 20 minutes.

how long does it take for a letter to get to Italy from England

heathrow to Dubai 7 hours Dubai to cape town 9 hours

It will take about 16 hours.

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