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How long does it take to get to Dubai from Manchester by plane?


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6 to 7 hours


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Manchester (MAN) to Dubai (DXB) Shortest Flight Duration: 7 hours 10 mins

7hr 05min Manchester (MAN) to Dubai (DXB) by a nonstop flight operated by Emirates Airlines.

just tell me how long it takes to take a plane from Athens to Dubai

Manchester, United Kingdom is approximately 3,514 miles away from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A flight would take about 7 and a half hours to complete.

if you fly from Manchester with emirates you go via Dubai. The flight to Dubai takes 6h55 mins, and then there is usually a gap of 2-3 hours in between the flights. The flight to Mumbai then takes just under 3 hours.

From Manchester, United Kingdom to Athens, Greece is a distance of 1,634 miles. A nonstop flight will take about 3 hours.

it takes about 7 hours Go Manchester United

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It is 6,890 miles from Dubai to Toronto but normally it will take 13-14 hours, with Emirates. It also depends on how fast the plane is going.

Manchester, United Kingdom is about 2 hours away from Sweden when flying on a plane. There is 862 miles between the two locations.

no direct link, 16 hour (NY to Dubai) then 1 hour to Muscat, Oman

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There are 3,233 miles between Norwich, Ct and Manchester, United Kingdom. The flight would take about 7 hours if the plane is traveling at 500 miles per hour.

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Answer The distance by road is about 234 miles - takes bout 4 hours by plane it takes 1 hour

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