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How long does it take to get to Wales by bus from Newbury?

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It takes as long as the bus driver keeps awake

on a bus how long would it take to go from atlanta ga. to charlotte North Carolina

If your bus is traveling at a constant speed of 40 kph it will take an hour.

Take the bus from London through the chunnel and switch buses at Paris. It may take several days.

It depends on where you start.

That would depend on how fast the bus was going.

It obviously depends on the average speed of the bus.

About 6h55 (including the bus transfer from East Midlands Airport to Derby railway station) via Derby, Newport, Swansea.

about as much as a bus

That depends on the speed of the bus.That depends on the speed of the bus.That depends on the speed of the bus.That depends on the speed of the bus.

Approximately 11 hours and 40 minutes by bus.

No, and it is not advised as it is a long journey.

Depends where your starting from.

Probably not. Senior citizen bus passes issued in England can only be used in England. If it is issued in Wales it can only be used in Wales and so on.

The constant bus stops they have to stop at makes it take considerably longer than by car.

2.5 hrs by KSRTC AC bus. 3 hrs by KSRTC Non Ac bus.

Go to the Greyhound station, buy a ticket to Bellingham, wait for bus to leave, be on bus. Trip will take about 3 1/2 hours.

As its name implies, bus passes are only for buses.

Assuming the bus travels at 65 MPH, it would take you approximately 1,441 years to reach Saturn.

There is no land bridge between South Africa and the US. It is not possible to travel the entire way by bus.

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