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How long does it take to get your bachelor's degree if you have an AAA?


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Well, this really depends on how different your bachelors degree is from your AA degree. If you have an AA in nursing and you want to get a bachelors degree in writing, it will probably take you another four years to obtain an AA. The only classes from your AA degree that will transfer to your bachelors degree will most likely be pre-requisites.

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No it does not. Some students pursue the associate degree first and then transfer to a four year institution to finish the bachelor's degree. However, pursing a bachelors degree does not automatically give you an associates degree.

Usually two years. The BA is a four year degree program in most colleges.

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Post bachelor's degree with all prerequisite coursework completed, there will be four years of medical school. There will also be an additional three or more years to complete the internship and residency requirements.

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No. A BA is a 4-year degree with no previous degree required.

An Associate of Arts degree, or AA, is a two year degree that one can receive from a community of junior college.

It is an associate or arts degree. However, The degree type for nursing is typically an associate in science degree.

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It's a 2 year college degree. You can go to any comm college for 2 years and get one in any major and even transfer to continue to bachelors if you like. Most community colleges don't offer more than a 2 year.

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Yes you can. Many individuals take an associate degree after completing a bachelor's degree. However, it is typically particular to a change in career. In other words, an individual who has completed a bachelor's degree in business, may then decide to enter the nursing field and opts for the associates in this area. It would be less expensive, and possibly shorter in time depending on the school and its requirements. Thus, the answer is yes as long as you have a good reason for doing so.

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