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if your turtle is a male you will see a bump on either side of its tail.

if its a female its more likely to be aggressive and will only have a slight bump on either side of it's tail.

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What is the Life Cycle of a Red Eye Slider Turtle?

There is no such thing as a red eye slider, maybe you were trying to say redeared slider. (the red is not on it's eye, it is on it's ears) Common mistake. Check this website out. It tells you alot of things about the red eared slider. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/caresheet-red_ear_slider.htm

What kind of turtle is a slider turtle?

A slider turtle is basically like a category of turtles including the Yellow Belly Slider Turtle and the Red Eared Slider turtle.

How do you find out if a turtle is a slider turtle?

well, a "slider turtle", or a red eared slider always has a red line where their ears would be. that's obviously how they get the name!

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Clown Fish, they love red eared slider turtle.

What is the cost of red eared slider turtle?

when i bought my red eared slider turtle in turtle shack.comit was$12.00.but i dont know if they are cheaper.

Can you put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider?

YES, you can put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider.

How big is a red eared slider turtle going to grow?

A Red Eared Slider Turtle will grow to be approximately 7-12 inches depending on gender. Females are often 10-12 inches (25-30.5 cm), while males are 7-9 inches (17.8-22.8 cm). A good website to checkout for more information on the Red Eared Slider Turtle is included in the related links.

Is a slider turtle an invertebrate?

No they are not, they are Vertebrates

How can you tell when a red eared slider turtle is happy?

For info on this, visit the related link 'How to keep a red eared slider turtle happy'.

How can you tell the gender of an red eared slider turtle?

The Males Claws Are Larger Then The Females except on babies u cant tell until they have a second birthday

Can a red eared slider turtle sleep out of water?

Why not it is not called a water turtle.

What is a Yellow eared slider?

It is an aquatic turtle.

What is a yellowbelly slider?

A yellowbelly slider is a species of turtle, Latin name Trachemys scripta scripta.

Can a catfish live with a red eared slider turtle?

No. Eventually the turtle will kill the catfish.

Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle mate with a Eastern Painted Turtle?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle. But, if they were to try, it would probably be a similar species of water turtle like an Eastern Painted Turtle or a Map turtle.

How much is a slider turtle?

I bought mine for 20$.

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