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You can lose fitness faster than you can, and you can lose it a million times faster than you can gain it. It does depend on your general fitness level and you age. In most cases, younger people can rebound from about a week off alot faster than an older person. However, if you are at a young age and do daily extremely rigorous exercise such as that that a hardcore highschool rower, such as myself, would do, you can lose fitness in as little as three days without working out. Cardiovascularly, you will have changes, probably not noticeable, but changes in about three days but strength loss takes slightly more time to occur

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Q: How long does it take to lose your stamina and strength after a 3-week layoff?
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What is the meaning of stamina in sports?

the energy and strength for continuing to do something for a long period of time.

How does age affect a persons stamina?

Stamina is the ability to continue going for a long period of time. As the body ages it loses energy, power and strength. These can affect stamina because the weaker the body the less it can do.

Why swimming can build strength and stamina?

It can build strength as to doing all the strokes in the medley - especially butterfly. Also builds up stamina for the amount of lengths done, like long distance swimmers will have so much more stamina then short distance swimmers.

Why is the iditarod race course so long?

It is a test of strength, agility, stamina, and willpower. Not to mention the teamwork!

What is the difference between strength and stamina?

although they do often come together, strength is capability over a short length of time (for the sake of argument eg. a sprinter) but stamina is the ability to keep going continuously (eg. long-distance/cross country runner)

What is the difference between endurance and stamina exercise?

Stamina is more about strength, and endurance is more about time. Stamina is focused on how long a group of muscles can perform at maximum capacity. Endurance is focused on the amount of time a group of muscles can perform a certain action.

What are the long term effects of exercise on your stamina?

increases your stamina

What does stamina mean?

from Stamina: The energy and strength for continuing to do something over a long period of time ; power of sustained exertion, or resistance to hardship, illness etc; The basic elements of a thing ; rudimentary structures or qualities. Hope this helped!

How is stamina produced?

you improve your stamina by doing long distances jogging running swimming you improve your stamina by doing long distances jogging running swimming

What is a horses stamina?

Stamina is how long the horse can go for without tiring.

What does stamina have to do with horses?

stamina is how long something can go, or last. a horse needs stamina to continously go or most often, run. such as in a long race a horse would need the stamina to keep running without getting terribly tired.

How is stamina measured?

On how long you can go baby ;]

What sport do you use stamina?

The ovious answer is swimming but stamina is also used in soccer, rugby and long distant running.

Is soccer good for the body?

Soccer is great for both your body as you heart, it makes it beat for a long time increasing it's strength and your stamina, making a better soccer player.Yes. It helps build muscle on your feet and it helps build strength and endurance.

What can you do to make the stamina skill bold fastest on howrse?

Train your horse completely in Stamina, do long trot rides until you no longer gain skill in stamina, and compete in cross country competitions.

Are there any special skills required to play for rock climbing?

Strength (how much can you lift), endurance (how often can you lift), stamina (how long can you lift) and balance are the key skills needed to climb technical rock.

What is bad stamina?

Stamina is your ability to withstand physical and mental effort. For example, athletes have very good physical stamina as they are able to compete in sports for very long periods of time. Other people might do very well in long exams as they have good mental stamina. If you have bad stamina, you might find yourself getting tired quickly as the result of straining yourself either physically or mentally.

How do you increase your Beyblades stamina?

on a long wooden area get to one end and launch it over and over to the other side and it will gain speed and stamina

How long is a normal intercourse?

It depends on your health, age and stamina.

How long is timeouts for WNBA?

10... because they have only short stamina....

What is an endurance race?

A race of stamina, who long you can go for without stopping

Which exercise training would build up more stamina sprinting or jogging for 40 minutes?

To build stamina long slow distance jogging is best

Explain what factors might work together to enable a great soccer player to kick a ball a long distance?

Stamina and condition of the player, strength of the player, characteristics of the boot, characteristics of the ball, direction of the wind and characteristics of the pitch.

How long does employer keep you on health insurance after layoff?

Usually a very short and limited amount of time, if any at all. Most layoffs occur on the last day of the month - consequently your health insurance also ceases on that same day.

How fast is a Labrador?

English labs are slower on land, fast in the water--and have long stamina; American labs are faster on land and pretty fast in the water--but with less stamina.