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About 3-7 minutes, depending upon the level of heat. If your bread burns before your cheese melts, the heat's too high. I've been mulling this question over, and I think it's like Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein explained his theory this way: If you sit on a hot stove a minute, it seems like an hour. If you sit next to a pretty girl an hour, it seems like a minute. I think a grilled cheese sandwich takes a very short time if you want someone else to do it for you. It takes a long time if you're hungry and you have to do it yourself.

2005-12-14 22:47:13
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Q: How long does it take to make a toasted cheese sandwich?
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How long does it take to make a grilled cheese?

Depends which way you do it. I use a toasted sandwich machine that takes about 3 minutes.

Is it safe to make a grilled cheese sandwich using the microwave?

Yes, you can safely make a grilled cheese sandwich in the microwave. However, the bread will be very soft and moist rather than toasted, which is the conventional way of making grilled cheese. So what you'll really have is a hot melted cheese sandwich.

How do you make a tosted sandwitch that tastes good?

Well my favorite toasted sandwich is this: Roast beef, pastrami, nubster cheese, lettuce, and mayonaisse on toasted Italian bread.

Which ingredients are crucial in the making of a grilled cheese sandwich?

This is what is needed to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Ingredients needed to make grilled cheese are bread, butter and cheese. Also needed is a frying pan to make a grilled cheese sandwich in.

A sandwich even a kid can make?

A cheese sandwich.

How do you make a cheese sandwich?

To make a plain cheese sandwich, place slices of cheese between two pieces of bread. You can vary the sandwich by adding condiments and/or spreads.

Does cooking a toasted sandwich make it have more trans fats?

No, unless your idea of cooking involves injecting hydrogenated products into the sandwich.

What do you make out of cheese?

Cheese Fondue, Sandwich, Hamburger, pizza there are many products of cheese.

How do you make a cheese and ham toastie?

With the grill just make cheese on toast then add another slice on top. Or 2 slices of cheese on toast, then put them together with ham in the middle. For cheese on toast, place the bread under the grill until toasted, then add the cheese until melted. Ultimate lazy toasty: If you have a toaster and a microwave you could make 2 slices of toast, slice some cheese, make a 'toast sandwich' with the cheese and ham then put it in the microwave to melt the cheese.

Name a sandwich a kid can make?

sandwich that kids can make are: buns/tasty and peanut butter or cheese. and some are: egg sandwich w/ mayonnaise.........

How do you make a cheese samwich?

You take bread and cheese. Then you put them together. You can also heat it up to melt the cheese or grill it to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Can you make a grilled cheese sandwich with brown bread?


How do you make a patty melt sandwich?

There are many recipes for patty melt sandwiches, but basically, a patty melt sandwich is a cooked hamburger patty with a generous amount of melted cheese on top. The patty is placed between two pieces of bread and toasted in a hot skillet in a little melted butter.

How do you make a ham and cheese sandwich?

A ham and cheese sandwich is really easy to make. First thing you need is 2 slices of bread. Then if you like mayonnaise spread some on the slices of bread. Third, take the ham and cheese and place them in between the breads. Last put the two breads together having the ham and cheese with the mayonnaise in the middle and close it. That is how you make a ham and cheese sandwich. Hope I have helped.

What goes between the bread in a grilled cheese sandwich?

There are probably a hundred ways to make the 'perfect grilled cheese' and everybody's favorite is different. Below is a collaborative list of ideas from many WikiUsers:My favorite is the classic: plain white sandwich bread with two slices of American cheeseFor tips on how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich, please refer to the Related Question 'How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich' below.

How do you make grilled cheese sandwich?

You make a grilled cheese sandwich by getting one of those toast in a bag things ;D and i put cheese in lightly buttered bread and add it to the toast in a bag then put it in your toaster. wait till its finished and then ENJOY :-)

What is a grilled cheese?

It is a sandwich made with two slices of bread and cheese, usually either 'grilled' on a flat-top grill or cooked in a frying or saute pan. The 'American Classic' grilled cheese sandwich is made with white sandwich bread and American cheese, but creative chefs everywhere have taken this simple sandwich to a whole new level. For ideas on how to make the grilled cheese sandwich right for you, or tips on cooking, please refer to the Related Questions below.

Why did the cheese beat the egg?

She didn't make him a sandwich, and he only had to warn her once.

Should I go online or use a cookbook to find the best Panini sandwich recipes?

A Panini is basically a sandwich that has been toasted on the outside until the bread is nice and crispy. You can use just about any sandwich combination that you want to make it.

How do you make a cheese toasty?

To make a cheese toasty you need to have a sandwich toaster or secial toastie bags. Make a cheese sandwich in usual way (can add ham, tomato, onion if wanted) place in toaster or bag and cook as directed by the instructions- usually for around 3-4mins. Alternatively make welsh rarebit .

How many calories in a cheese sandwich?

Calories in a cheese sandwichThe calorie content of a cheese sandwich depends on what ingredients (in total) are used to make the sandwich and the quantities (weights) of those ingredients. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more details. Meanwhile, for the calories in cheese, and the calories of fruit and vegetables to serve with cheese, please see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many calories in a turkey and cheese sandwich?

Calories in a turkey and cheese sandwichAll the ingredients used to make the sandwich (including any butter or mayonnaise), the type of cheese, and the quantities of all the ingredients, determine the calorie content of a turkey and cheese sandwich. For the calories in turkey, cheeses, mayonnaise and butter, please see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How do you make a juicy sandwich?

Put some tomatoes,lettuce,onions,horse reddish,mayonaise,and some cheese and WALLAH! A juicy sandwich!

Name a sandwich even a kid could make?

The most basic sandwiches that a kid could make is:*PB&J (Peanut Butter & Jelly)*Cheese Sandwich*Nutella Sandwich (Nutella is a hazelnut spread that tastes like chocolate)*Butter Bread (Two pieces of toasted bread with butter in the middle)Those are the easiest sandwiches in my opinion. You can find all of these ingredients at a local grocery store. Thanks! And if you like my answer, add a trust point! :D

How many sandwiches can 1 pound of sliced cheese make?

If you use the entire pound it will make one very large sandwich. If you are practical and slice the cheese into 1 oz slices you can make 16 cheese sandwiches.