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How long does it take to make the biggest rocket?


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The world's largest rocket was the Saturn V vehicle built by the United States. While design of the rocket, and it's smaller test bed vehicles, the Saturn 1B and Little Joe rockets, commenced in 1961, the actual assembly of a Saturn V vehicle took approximately 18 months. This is from layout of the main fuel tank to transport to the launch pad. well, to make the biggest rocket, it would take the longest time. Be a little more specific please.


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depends on the rocket... you're clever.

it takes 13 hours to get to the moon by a rocket

It depends on what type of rocket you are building.

It takes about 6 months depending on long you are planning to do it.<3

It would take about a week to get to Jupiter in a rocket. If you want more on this topic check out matthewsaysftw on youtube.

Uranus is 1.787 bilion miles away and take 9.5 years to travel to by rocket.

How long it takes to get to Neptune by rocket depends on how fast the rocket is. In 1989, Voyager 2 took a little over 12 years to reach Neptune.

It will take you three days to reach the moon.

If a rocket left Pluto traveling 1000 mph, how long would it take it to reach the Sun?

It would take around four days to get to the moon, the rocket would be spent along the way, most of it shortly after take off.

well it all depends when it started. my guess is 1 hr.

That totally depends on the weight of the rocket, but most manned rockets take about 8 1/2 minutes to reach orbit.

24 seconds = estimation:= 23.099999999

it will take 1hour and 48 minutes because Yuri Gagarin took that long.

it has a big engine and it blows out fire to make it take of

All depends on the rocket. The Soyuz, for example, takes about 4-5 min, where as the Shuttle takes about 8. A sounding rocket like Atea 1 would take around 3 minuets.

how long does it take to make a crayons

it would take approximately 45.94 days using a jet

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