Wedding Planning

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

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2014-03-28 16:22:40

It all depends. I planned mine in 4 months. If you are well

organized you can do it. Just make a list of all of the things that

you want or need to get. Of course put the most important at the

top Like hall, dress, DJ, photographer. Because depending on when

your wedding date it can be hard to find the dj and such. Hope all

goes well. ADDED: Lots of detail and being a perfectionist will

make organizing take longer, and when it comes to estimating a time

frame to choose a date you may need to have the wedding quite some

time away as a lot of popular venues are often booked out months in

advance. Have a general date to see if you can get the venue,

music, photographer etc booked at the same time.

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