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As long as it takes to reach your insurance agent by phone.

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Q: How long does it take to put another family member on your car insurance?
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Are you covered by a family member's insurance when driving their car in Georgia?

As long as you are sure they have insurance and if you are listed as a drive on such insurance policy. If these cases are both yes then you will be covered under their insurance as long as you have permission to drive the vehicle.

What are the benefits of long term life insurance?

You will have a greater sense of well being and security for yourself and your family today and into the future because it will provide financial resources to pay for care at home or other care settings. You and your family will also have caregiver support services, namely personalized telephone and website assistance regarding your caregiving questions and concerns. You are not left alone to provide the desired care for yourself or a family member. Long-term care costs are not covered by Medicare or regular health insurance. Consider long term care insurance as "retirement savings insurance." It is an essential part of your retirement planning.

When you buy a new or used car how long do you have to get insurance?

You must have insurance on the vehicle as soon as you purchase it. The nice part though, is that, if you already have an insurance policy for another vehicle, or if you are on a family policy and someone else in the family has a car with insurance, and you are listed as a driver on the family policy, that company will most likely cover your new auto purchase for a 15 day period, sometimes even a 30 day period. Check with your insurance agent for exact times as they vary with each company

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contact an insurance agency, get the person to agree that it is okay for you to insure them, pay the money and have insurance There is no separate process to buy a life insurance policy for a family member. As long as he or she has granted consent and is willing to undergo the necessary medical exam one has to follow exactly the same steps as buying a policy for oneself i.e. calculate your premium, receive multiple quotes, choose your policy, complete the application form, complete the medical exam and pay the premiums once the medicals have been cleared.

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Yes, as long as they are willing to sign the application. Or, if a minor and some insurance carriers, as long as you have insurable interest. 4lifeguild

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as long as your wish if not regulated by your insurance company

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Yes, one person can obtain a life insurance policy on another as long as the policy owner has an insurable, financial interest in the life of the insured.

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How long do you have to switch insurance after buying another car in Florida?

Talk to your agent to be sure

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What if your husband had a group insurance policy and it was assigned to his first wife during the divorce She named a family member as the beneficiary but died before the insured What happens now?

The conditions in the policy will explain what should happen. Most insurance companies have been around long enough to have solutions for pretty much any contingency.

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