How long does it take to replace a heater core in a 1989 Pontiac Sunbird?

Depending on your mechanical experience,I would estimate that you should be prepared for a 2-3hr task.I recently removed one from a parts car,all total I believe it took me approx.1 1/2 hrs,mind you I had'nt done one in a Sunbird before.It requires removal of the bottom dashboard enclosures,the core is located approx. in the middle of the underside of the dash behind a plastic box that will need to have the cover removed as well,then there are 2 retaining bands with 2 screws ea. holding the core in its place.From under the car(front raised and on jackstands) you can easily access the two hose hookups that run from core to engine,these will no doubt be sealed on quite tight,be prepared by having replacement hoses ready,as you wont always get a clean removal without cutting. Syraight forward task,just alot of agilty required by the one doing the task as there is limited work space,and need to be a contortionist at times.Overall,its a job that the average backyard mechanic can perform with a little patiencce,GoodLuck