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4 hours

Fastest time is a bit over 45 seconds - though the average time is about two minutes.

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What do you shear sheep with?

You shear sheep with clippers that are called Sheep Shears.

What is the work of shepherd?

To take care of sheep, and shear the sheep. Also, to herd sheep. Therefore they are a Sheep herd, or Shepherd.

Medievals what did they use to shear sheep?

what would they use to shear sheep in the 1820s

How do you shear the black sheep on RuneScape?

you need some shears, then use shear on the sheep.

How do you shear a sheep on minecraft?

okay so if you want to shear a sheep, you need a shear. If you have one, then do what I say. If you don't have one then craft one with 2 iron in any order. Now to shear the sheep, just right click it with the shear.

What do you get if you shear a sheep?

A fleece and a shorn sheep.

How do you put shear in a sentence?

i will shear the sheep and lamb.

What does a shearer do?

shear sheep

How can you use the word shear in a sentence?

Verb-'Shear' as in "Shear a sheep"Noun-'Shears' as in "a pair of shears"Past tense verb-'Sheared' as in "He sheared a sheep"

Do you have to shear sheep?

It is highly recommended that if you live in warm climates that the sheep are sheared. Farmers will usually shear their sheep in the spring or early summer, you want to make sure that the temperature is not going to drop and that the sheep are not too hot. So shear once the temperature does not drop at night.

What is the homophone of sheer?

Shear is the homophone for sheer. An example sentence for shear: One of his duties on the farm was to shear the sheep.

What are the ratings and certificates for 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep - 2007?

10 Ways to Shear a Sheep - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What happens if you don't shear a sheep?

Its wool becomes matted, dirty, and useless for spinning as it is hard to get completely clean. You should shear your sheep once a year, avoiding colder weather. If your sheep is a longwool, like a Lincoln or a Leicester you can shear it twice a year. Hope this helps!

Do you have to kill sheep for their wool?

No if you want to get their wool you have to shear them

Can sheep back flip?

Only by shear accident.

How do you get wool in survival craft?

shear or kill a sheep

Who found out you could shear sheep?

the person who invented the scissors

How many times a year do farmers shear their sheep?


How long does it take a sheep to reproduce?

A sheep is pregnant for about five months.

Do sheep have fur when they are born?

Sheep grow wool not fur and they are born with it - it grows with age/time, farmers harvest it (as in shear the sheep) annually.

What do you do when you shear a sheep?

You are shaving the hair off of the body of the sheep, sheep are shorn to keep them cool in hot summer months and for wool production.

Why is it better to do shearing with hand other than machines?

It isn't. An experienced shearer can shear a sheep in about 1 minute with electric shears. The same job by hand would take about 15 minutes. Shearers are paid by the number of sheep that they shear, so hand shearing isn't financially viable.

How was sheep used for trade or making money?

You can sell the sheep as breeding stock or for meat. You can also shear it to get wool.

How old is a one shear sheep?

A sheep that has been shorn once ie it is at least one year old.

How do you obtain wool from sheep?

You let the sheep grow wool for a year and than shear it off with scissors or a razor specially designed to shear sheep. Some sheep shed their wool making the whole process of shearing unneeded, at least for that breed. You can just pull the fibers and it come off.