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How long does it take to ship something domestically ground via the US Postal Service?

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Check out the Post Office website 3-5 days

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How much money did On Deadly Ground gross domestically?

On Deadly Ground grossed $38,590,458 in the domestic market.

How much money did Higher Ground gross domestically?

Higher Ground grossed $841,056 in the domestic market.

Did dhl sell ground service?

Yes, DHL does in fact sell ground service. However, it is not called ground service. Rather, it is called domestic service.

What does ground shipping mean?

Ground shipping, as the name states, means that it is shipped by ground (generally truck or train) as opposed to being shipped by air. The time of delivery varies and it depends on whether it is travelling by courier to your location or being sent though the postal service. If by postal service it will arrive in your mail at the time your mail is normally delivered. If by courier then it could be anytime during the normal business day. If there is a tracking number provided you can use this to see where your package is and get a better idea of the day it will be arriving if not the time.

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How long to receive a letter from Washington DC to Tulsa?

It depends on which service you choose, like ups ground or something like that.

How long does ground shipping from California to Maryland take?

Parcel Post through the U S Postal Service is based on size, weight, and zip code destination. To get this information, go to your Local Post Office. They are there for you.

How long does a package from texas to pennsylvaniaa take by us postal ground?

4 days

In a typical home electrical service the main ground wire is connected directly from a ground rod driven into the ground to the?

In a typical home electrical service the ground wire is connected directly from a ground rod driven into the ground to the ground terminal lug located inside the distribution panel.

What size of ground wire for 100amp service?

A#3 bare copper conductor is used for a ground wire for 100 amp service.

What size copper or Aluminum ground wire for 150 amp service?

A ground wire for a service distribution has to be copper. A #6 copper conductor can be used up to a 200 amp service.

Why would there be 9.8 volts on ground cable when tested from ground cable to battery ground?

Something is shorted to ground.

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Purchase a ground rod from an electrical supply. Drive it into the ground just outside where your service is located. Install a ground cable from the neutral bar in the fuse box to the ground rod and clamp both ends. Voila, you have done it!

In a typical home electrical panel installation the main ground wire is connected directly from a ground rod driven into the ground to the what?

EarthIts a earth groundat lower potential then your service

How can you tell if the ground wire is approriately bonded to the neutral and the cabinet at the service box?

Ground wire can be appropriately bonded to the neutral and cabinet at the service box by connecting the neutral and ground wires from the feeder wires to the neutral bus bar and the ground terminal located on the same cabinet at the service box. White wire (neutral) must be connected to bus bar and bare wire must be connected to ground terminal in the same cabinet.

What does the UPS in UPS Ground stand for?

United Parcel Service

How long does ground service take?

It depends on where you are starting from to where it is going.

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How do you know what wire is ground on 200 amp service?

On a 200 amp or any size service the ground wire is easily identified. Look in the distribution panel for the neutral bus bar. This is where the service neutral (white wire) is connected to the distribution panel. There you will see a bare copper wire connected to the same neutral bar. This is the ground wire that is connected to the ground rods out side of the house.

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The National Weather Service calls the information that ground observers collect "Ground Truthing". "Even though we the National Weather Service have various types of equipment such as radar and satellite pictures, there's nothing more important than ground truth information".

I need the phone number to call FED-EX to pick -up a package-ground service.?

You can schedule a ground service pick up by calling 1.800.GoFedEx.

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If the electrical charge is in a rod, for example, just ground it. Make it touch the ground, or something that is touching the ground.

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive service to ship boxes from one state to another?

USPS , UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground