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Check out the Post Office website 3-5 days

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Q: How long does it take to ship something domestically ground via the US Postal Service?
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What shipping options does the US Postal Service have?

The United States Postal Service offers nearly any type of shipping option from ground service, to next day air, or priority mail to fit the shipping needs.

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Did dhl sell ground service?

Yes, DHL does in fact sell ground service. However, it is not called ground service. Rather, it is called domestic service.

How long to receive a letter from Washington DC to Tulsa?

It depends on which service you choose, like ups ground or something like that.

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How long does a package from texas to pennsylvaniaa take by us postal ground?

4 days

How long does ground shipping from California to Maryland take?

Parcel Post through the U S Postal Service is based on size, weight, and zip code destination. To get this information, go to your Local Post Office. They are there for you.

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