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  • It takes 72 hours for your body to start losing muscle mass after you stop working out.
  • Most good routines I've followed give that muscle group up to 6 days rest (work it 1x a week).
  • Two weeks for the body to start lossing muscle mass according to Mike Mentzer.
  • It varies from person to person. Some people might take 3 days, others two weeks. It also depends on a person's diet.
  • It takes 72 hours for your body to start losing muscle mass after you stop working out. I don't believe that to be correct. Most good routines I've followed give that muscle group up to 6 days rest (work it 1x a week).
  • In my opinion, when you train your muscles your body goes through a faze that is called hypertrophy, this is an increase in muscle size, and this happens when you train with weights, or even when you walk a long distance, an increase in muscle mass is called hypertrophy, hence hypertrophy training, now..... when you lose muscle mass, this is called atrophy, it is a faze that your body goes through once you become sedentry or idle or just stop working out, but here is the catch, atrophy starts almost immediately after a workout, and continues until you next train or do some form of hypertrophy training. this isn't a negative thing if, so please don't think you have to work out continuously just to keep the muscle mass you have gained, it is a slow process, but you will feel its effects within a few days of not doing any form of exercise or weight training, this is why it is good to have a continues routine in place, and also to mix up your training schedule, style, and weight level to "shock" your body and allow hypertrophy to continue, also REST is a vital component to keeping your muscles big and healthy so do allow time for this.
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Q: How long does it take to the muscle mass gained when you stop working out?
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Will a decrease in testosterone lead to a loss of muscle mass?

Yes testosterone is the main Protein used to build muscle mass. however muscle can still be gained in its absence.

If you stop working out then is this muscle going to turn to fat?

NO! your muscle does not turn into fat it just replaces it as you work out. the toning and mass of your muscle will decrease though witch will make your muscle "shrink" even if you dont work out extensivly you still need to do some kind of physical activity to maintain the muscle you have gained.

You lost weight but gained body fat?

Most likely due to the loss of muscle mass.

Does speed decrease with increasing mass?

yes as long as your muscle mass does not change.

Can you gain muscle mass and weight without working out?

Protein or weight gain shakes.

How long does it take to lose muscle mass gained if one stops working out?

Firstly, it will depend on how long you have actually been training for, usually you will find you can get away with 2 to 3 weeks without any real training but then you will probably start to notice a difference. Perhaps you could do something else whilst your resting, a sport that's physically demanding, swimming, which exercises every muscle in the body, or Cycling..running etc.

Why would you have gained weight over a month of going to the gym?

It's likely because you're building muscle mass, which adds weight. This is not a bad thing. Muscle weighs more than fat, but you'll look better. Muscle mass also helps burn calories.

Why does working out cause the body to gain weight instead of lose it?

You lose fat but gain muscle mass.

What are the long term effects of exercise on musculoskeletal system?

it increases muscle mass and muscle tone and the cardiovacular system

How can athletes safely add muscle tissue?

Athletes can safely add muscle tissue by working out and eating right. Weight training is often used by athletes to increase muscle mass.

Whats the difference between muscle mass and muscle hypertrophy?

The difference between muscle mass and muscle hypertrophy is that muscle hypertrophy is the increase in size of skeletal muscle while muscle mass is the weight of your body muscle.

What are the long-term effects of exercise?

Greater muscle mass and less fat.

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