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How long does it take to unfreeze a home AC unit?

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If your filter is clean and your coil is freezing up, you are low on refrigerant. You need to have it checked for a leak. I'm afraid I let my air filter get too dirty and my central unit has frozen up. I turn the unit off and let all the ice melt both n the inside coils and outside line that runs to the outside compressor. I thought all the ice was gone ( and I have since replaced the really dirty filter) and started the unit back up and it ran great for a couple of hours, but now it frozen again, even with the new filter. Did I wait long enough or what? The unit was serviced last year, both cleaned and with new freon. I think the dirty filter is what caused it. Now what can I expect? Help, we're getting hot. Its still summer in Memphis. Thanks.

2007-05-21 19:40:19
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Turn it off.

How long does it take for the central air unit to unfreeze?

More importantly, why is the unit freezing? There are several reasons that can cause this. Most common are dirty filter or evaporator coil that the filter protects. It can also be lack of air flow across the evaporator coil due to a bad fan motor or broken fan belt if so equipped. Last reason might be the unit is low on refrigerant which would mean that you have a leak somewhere.

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