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Basically the Birth Control pill takes anywhere from a month to three or four months, depending on how your body accepts the pill. Im sure about this if your on orthotricyclen lo. Not really sure about other birth control methods.

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Q: How long does it take your body to get used to the birth control pill?
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Could stopping the birth control pill throw you into menopause?

Stopping the birth control pill could unmask the fact that your body was done ovulating, but couldn't cause menopause.

How long should you be off nicotine gum before starting the birth control pill?

There are no known drug interactions between nicotine gum and the birth control pill.

Does your body get immune to the same birth control pill after 5 years of the same brand?


Can you get HIV by taking a Birth Control?

The birth control pill can not give you Hiv. Hiv is contracted from a body fluid exchange with a infected person.

How long should you be off the birth control pill before getting the depo shot?

You can get the first Depo Provera shot when you are on the birth control. It will become effective immediately, and you'll be able to stop the birth control pill at that time.

Is zigat 400 a birth control pill?

Zigat 400 is not a birth control pill. It's an antibiotic.

Do steroids affect the birth control pill?

Steroids do not affect how well the birth control pill works.

What is the Pill?

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

If starting to take the birth control pill the first day of your period will you still get your period that week?

Birth control affects people differently. Your body does not get used to the pill right away, so you could still have you period that week. It can take a few months for your body to fully get used to birth control.

If you take ipecac together with a birth control pill does the birth control still work?

If you've been taking the pill about a week & a half, you should be all right because the hormones are already in your body.

Does Nasacort affect the birth control pill?

Nasacort and other inhaled steroids do not affect the birth control pill

Does flexeril affect the birth control pill?

There are no known drug interactions between flexeril and the birth control pill

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