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Lice can live in a persons hair for up to 50 days. If the hair is treated with lice medicine, the lice will die off immediately.

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How long does head lice last?

I think until you treat it.

How long can head lice last off the head?

Usually lice can last only a day or two off the head because of the lack of blood.

How long to lice last?

lice can last about as long as a day. but that is only if you know you have it and use treaments. also the lice will come back because all female lice do lay about 50-100 when you have lice make sure to do the treaments about 2-4 for days out of 6 use the nit comb to try and get every nit out.lice DO NOT fly,jump,or leap they crawl very fast.

How long do lice last?

They will last until you decide to get rid of them. If you are having problems with lice then get rid of them as soon as possible because they are a big nuisance. They won't just go away. You have to make them go away. You can get rid of them for sure with mayonnaise. It suffocates the lice and their nits (eggs). They can last for years unless you handle it quickly and smoothly.

Can you perm hair after lice treatment?

As long as you don't have lice anymore.

How long do lice live on the head?

Head Lice live for 3 Months..

Did Anne Frank have lice?

Yes Anne Frank had lice. She died fromTyphus disease which is from having lice tto long

Do head lice prefer long or short hair?

Long: - Head lice are more common in long hair because it provides warmth.

How long can head lice live on furniture and bedding?

Head lice live for a while as long as they have contact with human blood. If lice do not have contact with blood they will only live for approximately two days.

What is another word for lice?

"Genital Lice" would be something called "Crabs" it lives in your genitals, but doesn't last very long off the body. In other words for Crabs it can be called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and it can not be cured. As for the lice that lives on top of the head, then there is really no other word for it but lice, unless you want to call them "head bugs."

Can you drown lice?

It would take a severely long time to drown lice. Stores sell products that will kill lice on a variety of surfaces.

How long do lice eggs live of the head?

7-10 days. After that they hatch and you get new lice.

How can pubic lice affect your growth and development?

Pubic lice infestation has no long-term effects.

How long to lice live off the head?

lice can live only one to two days with out an host.

Can head lice survive off of a human?

Lice can survive as long as they have some kind of mammalian host.

Does perming the hair kills lice?

No. As long as there is hair on your head and you don't treat the lice, they will continue to live.

Do men get head lice?

As long as they have hair, men can get head lice. Head lice have the ability to appear on anyone who has hair, whether it be a child, man, or woman. If you do get lice, purchase "Lice Hero" to get rid of them. You will need to use the shampoo and then comb out the lice eggs to prevent more from hatching.

How long can you have pubic lice without knowing?

About half of patients with pubic lice don't know they have it. It's not clear how long you can be infested without knowing.

How long are you contageous once treated for lice?

If you have head lice, you need to get treated as soon as possible. Once you are treated and you don't see anymore lice, you are no longer contagious.

How long does it take for lice eggs to hatch?

it takes 1-2 WEEKS for lice egg(s) to hatch

Can Lysol kill lice?

No it want kill lice but apple spider vinegar will if you put in there hair and leave it as long as you can

How long does infestation of pubic lice take?

A single episode of sexual contact is enough to transmit pubic lice.

What can happen if pubic lice is treated?

If pubic lice are treated effectively, the infestation will end. There are no long-term effects.

What are the long-term effects of pubic lice?

Infestation to other parts of the body. Transmitting it to other. Infection..

How long does it take for lice to hatch?

1 week