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How long does menopause last?

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May 31, 2011 3:08PM

It lasts approximately 10 years according to doctors. It's

another part of a woman's life where she ceases to have menstrual

periods and will never be able to have children. Women can suffer

from mood swings, depression, hot/cold flashes, lethargy, sore

breasts, weight gain or sometimes weight loss along with low


Menopause is nothing to fear and it's no different than starting

your periods, getting pregnant, and now you are simply into a

different phase of your life. A good healthy diet, those 8 - 8

ounce glasses of water per day and exercise is a must! Yoga and

other relaxing techniques also help a great deal. Hot flashes ....

put a cold cloth on the back of your neck, or run the under-sides

of your wrists under cold water. Works every time. If a woman is

moody and depressed constantly it's better to be treated with

antidepressants than HRT. HRT should be used as a last resort.

Personal experiences:

  • Women are also between a rock and a hard place. Hormone

    Replacement is the only answer from most doctors, but I went

    through it naturally with a good diet and could put up with some of

    my symptoms. I also took Tai Chi and worked out. Hormone

    Replacement is related to breast cancer, stroke, heart attacks, no

    correlation for not getting Osteoporosis and can cause blood clots

    in especially the legs. If some women are having a very rough time

    then short-term Hormone Replacement can be effective. Long term is

    simply a no-no.

  • I was discussing Menopause with a nurse and told her that I

    felt Menopause just didn't last 10 years and that the symptoms just

    lessened and how could doctors (mostly male) derive that a woman

    was only in Menopause for 10 years when she would never have

    periods again. She was interested because she was doing a study on

    this very thing and agreed with me.

  • Ask your question and learn about the transformation going on

    in your body and you'll be less perplexed and fearful of the

    changes going on in your body. Don't keep it a secret and share

    your knowledge with your husband (I did.) I find this a time of my

    life where I am free to do the many things I always wanted to do

    and I'm writing a book and hope to have it published. I'm

    considered a good artist and I love to garden and go fishing. I'm

    enjoying life, but of course, like anyone else I have my bad days

    and that's normal.

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