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How long does milk take to spoil?


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The length of time it takes milk to spoil is variable and depends upon the initial quality of the milk, the bacterial load before and after pasteurization, packaging, handling and storage temperatures.

It will be spoiled when you decide it is no longer edible.


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a few hours depending on outdoor temp

No law can alter the time it takes milk to spoil.

Depends on the amount of milk, as does anything in a microwave

Bacteria are what make milk spoil.

It does if you keep it long enough!

Of course, milk can only spoil OUT of the fridge, or when the milk has expired

Milk contains bacteria which will eventually gain enough population to spoil the milk.

Curds spoil faster in summer is because of the heat. When it is hot, bacteria grow more quickly, causing milk or milk byproducts to spoil more quickly. In the summer, milk will spoil in about 6 to 8 hours if it is in a warm environment. In winter, it can take up to 12 hours for milk to curdle.

Soy milk does spoil and turn sour after the carton is opened.

yes it does spoil faster than white milk because white milk is regular and chocolate milk has this kind of thing that makes it spoil fast

As long as you keep it dry, powdered milk lasts forever. Pasteurized will spoil.

Like many other questions about food-spoilage, this depends on the ambeint temperature where the milk has been stored. In a warm place it will spoil in less than a day. in a cool place it might last for several days.

It takes about 3 days for rice to spoil

Personally, I think it takes about 4 weeks, but if you want to know, you should check the expiration dates.

yes, it doesn't take a day to spoil.

Whole milk and 2% spoil faster than skimmed

Starwberry milk will spoil faster than regular or chocolate milk will.

actually it does spoil so watch our

Yes, it can, as long as its past date. I had milk in a bottle. it sat there and it soon got green.

Four hours at room temperature after that it begins to spoil.

Your body is continuously repairing and replenishing itself, it's not as though breast milk will "spoil" anymore than any other bodily fluid.

Add vinegar. Vinegar contains ethanoic acid which will react with the milk and spoil it. Leaving it in a warm place will also make it spoil faster.

Cause bacteria would get formed and will spoil it.

Yes because it has milk and eggs, it can spoil.

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