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Well, it has been proved that Olive Oil is like wine, you can store it and it will taste better. American Olive Oil gets bitter after its expiration date. But, Spanish, Greek, Argentinian, etc, etc, can last decades stored and it will taste good.


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It depends on which type of olive oil it is. Olive oil produced in a factory has been filtered and is clear. Real olive oil has a more cloudy appearance. Factory produced olive oil is good for only a few months, whereas real olive oil will last for 2 or 3 years on the shelf.

Brush with Olive Oil and it will last for years.

Olive oil is a mixture of organic acids.

No one invented olive oil. It was there inside the olives long before the Greeks appeared.

No, olive oil is not a starch. Olive oil is a fat or lipid.

Light olive oil IS olive oil. Different varieties and types of olive oil are used for different things, so one cannot say that a certain olive oil is better than another.

The first extraction of oil from the olive is extra virgin olive oil, the second being virgin oil.

Yes, olive oil is a vegetable oil.

Olive oil doesn't contain fiber. It is simply oil from the olive.

No, olive oil comes from olive, they make it by squeezing the juices out of olives and making it into olive oil. Vegtable oil, is made from a plant.

Olive oil is the healthier of the two. Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils, period.

Anointing is not done with acacia oil as far as I have ever read ... its done with el-ah-ya or Olive oil. In Exodus 30 its made into a compound, and in James 5:14 where the word translated oil is actually the word Olive

Olive oil is made of olive oil. Nothing more, nothing less.

Olive oil does not contain starch because it is not a starch, olive oil is a fat or lipid.

There are many benefits to eating olive oil. Olive oil has been known to help protect the body against heart disease. You can incorporate olive oil in your diet by substituting vegetable oil for olive oil.

olives have olive oil because they make olive oil Yes. Olive oil is produced by squeezing the olives (the term - and process - is actually "pressing").

olive oil its healthier for u

If you want to keep an olive log burning try putting olive oil on the log

what is the ph value of olive oil

Olive oil is exported worldwide.

Yes, olive oil is vegan.

* Extra-virgin olive oil comes from cold pressing of the olives, contains no more than 0.8% acidity, and is judged to have a superior taste. There can be no refined oil in extra-virgin olive oil. * Virgin olive oil has an acidity less than 2%, and judged to have a good taste. There can be no refined oil in virgin olive oil. * Pure olive oil. Oils labeled as Pure olive oil or Olive oil are usually a blend of refined olive oil and one of the above two categories of virgin olive oil. * Olive oil is a blend of virgin oil and refined oil, containing no more than 1.5% acidity. It commonly lacks a strong flavor. * Olive-pomace oil is a blend of refined pomace olive oil and possibly some virgin oil. It is fit for consumption, but it may not be called olive oil. Olive-pomace oil is rarely found in a grocery store; it is often used for certain kinds of cooking in restaurants. * Lampante oil is olive oil not used for consumption; lampante comes from olive oil's ancient use as fuel in oil-burning lamps. Lampante oil is mostly used in the industrial market.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the strongest flavor ( first pressing) and is a darker oil. The lighter the color of olive oil, the less flavor .

Olive oil is made from crushed olives; sunflower oil is made from crushed sunflower seeds. They taste different; olive oil tastes of olives. Olive oil is better for you.

Vegetable oil may replace olive oil unless the recipe requires the distinctive taste of olive oil.

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