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how long does it take to know if you are in someones will in the state of Florida

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How long can you contest a divorce in Arkansas?

You can contest a divorce as long as you would like. However, a judge can decide to grant the divorce at any time.

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How long does one have to contest a probated will?

In Canada, one has 6 months from the date that probate was granted in court to contest or apply to vary the will. Generally, you should check the return date in the notice you receive. It will state the date on which a hearing will be scheduled and at which you can make your objection.

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How long after the persons death can you contest the will?

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To contest a will?

In order to contest a will, one will need to hire an attorney. There will be a process to follow and the will must be scrutinized in order to proceed with protesting.

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