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Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

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Q: How long does semen stay in a vagina if you are on birth control?
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How long does semen live in the vagina?

About 3 days.

How long can women hold semen in the vagina?

9 months

How long after intercourse does semen stay in the vagina?

It stays in until it is removed.

How days gap for semen analysis?

Your question is not entirely coherent. Although, I think you're asking how long semen can be detected in the vagina for an analysis. Semen can live up to 5 days in the vagina and still be analyzed.

How long will semen stay in an unwashed vagina?

it stays in for 2 me i have expirience

Can you still get pregnant if he came in the condom?

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

How long can semen live for?

After ejaculation in vagina sperm can usually survive for maximum 4 days

If a girl is naked and there was semen on the guy's boxers what are the chances that the girl will get pregnant?

None, as long as there was no contact with the interior of the vagina by anything that came into contact with the semen.

Can you get prgnant by having in your anus?

Not as long as the semen stays in there. But if it dribbles out and down onto your vagina there will be a small risk.

What positions are best when trying for a baby?

If you are trying to get pregnant, then the idea is to keep the semen in the vagina for as long as possible, and to keep as much there as possible. The more semen, the more sperm cells. After the male orgasm, the female should keep her hips elevated and allow the semen to remain in the upper vagina and uterus.

Can premature ejaculations effect a man from getting a woman pregnant?

No. As long as there is semen ejaculated into the vagina, there are a possibility of pregancy.

Could it be medically possible to conceive a baby in a toilet?

Doesn't matter what position you are in as long as the semen goes into the vagina.

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