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Ten to one, When you washed your hands, the (mostly dead) sperm went down the drain. But sperm can last up to 3 days (72 hours) inside the vagina.

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Q: How long does sperm last on your hands after washing them?
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How long can sperm last on hands?

sperm cell's amount is depend on the pressure yours. in my experience it measured as one tablespoon.try it if you dare!

How long does it take for the onion smell to wear off your hands?

Onion and garlic smell on hands will last a couple hours to about a day. You can, however, remove it washing your hands with a stainless steel hand washing block or a stainless butter knife.

Can sperm live through these processes such as washing my hands in the sink can someone else get pregnant by it and Also washing my clothes can that cause pregnancy in the washer and dryer?

No because the sperm cells are sensitive and don't live long. Only 1 of the million cells can fertilize the egg, remember?

How long can sperm last in you?

Sperm can last up till three days

When washing hands with soap and water you must rub your hands together for how long?

At least 20 seconds.

How long should you wash your hands after touching sperm?

Soap, hot water, and 10 or 15 seconds of washing every nook and cranny, including under fingernails, will kill the very sensitive sperm. Most are likely dead before you reach the sink.

How long can sperm survive on a hand?

3 seconds on dry hands and around 8 on moist hands

How long can sperm last?

Sperm can live for a week in the female reproductive tract.

How long sperm survice in the anus?

Sperm can last for 3-5 days.

How long does sperm last outside?


How long does sperm last outside the human body?

Sperm can last outside of the human body for a few hours.

How many liters of water are used in washing hands?

about 1 litre but it really depends n how long you wash your hands for

How long female sperms last in womb?


How long should you scrub your hands with soap when washing?

Normally about 20 to 30 seconds is required to get all parts of the hands, fingers, and nails.

How long does aseptic hand-washing last?

30 seconds.

How long can sperm last to get you pregnant?

5 days maximum

How long do reusable water bottles last for?

As long as the lids hold water, and you keep washing them.

Does sperm last up to 5 days in the body if she is on birth control?

With the exception of spermicides, birth control methods have no effect on how long sperm can last.

How long does a dogs sperm live?

A healthy strong male dog's sperm can last up to 7 days.

How long can sperm last inside a women?

2 or 3 days

How long does human male sperm last outside the human body?

Not long on its own. If you freeze it, it can last a long time. if it's in the female it can last up to 72 hours

How long do roosters sperm last?

maybe well i say 1 yr

How does Russia wash there clothes?

Long ago people in Russia washed their clothes with their hands,now people have washing machines!

How long can sperm live in toilet water?

The acidity of urine isn't good for sperm and they don't last long in cold water so probably not long. I don't know an exact time though.

Does sperm die as soon as its in chlorine?

Yes, sperm doesn't last long even during intercourse. So in Chlorine it dies instantly.