How long does sperm take to enter the egg?


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It takes about day or two to get the sperm to the egg. You will know when your pregnant.

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It takes about 3 hours for the sperm to fully enter the egg.

well, fertilization takes place in the ovaries. after the sperm cells enter through the vagina the enter the ovaries. where then the egg and sperm cells merge and the egg is fertilized.

It only takes sperm a few minutes to get inside of an egg.

It can take 12 - 72 hours for human sperm to reach the egg.

An egg only allows one sperm to enter and is fertilized by that one sperm: 2 cannot enter.

If you are asking "how long does it take for the sperm to fertilize the egg once it penetrates the egg wall?", it is instantaneous. That's what "fertilized" means. If you are asking "how long does it take the sperm to fertilize the egg once it enters the female body?", there is no exact answer. it could take from a few minutes to a few days.

it takes up to 1 week for sperm to fertilize an egg depending on how fast the sperm swims

It can take several hours for the sperm to travel to the upper portion of the uterine tubes where they meet an egg ready for fertilization.

It usually takes between 3-5 days for Sperm to reach & fertilize the egg.

Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in a half an hour, while others may take days. The sperm can live up to 48-72 hours.

When a sperm enters the egg it is called fertilization.Note: ONE sperm enters ONE egg. However, many sperm may TRY to enter one egg; only 1 succeeds.

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

the sperm goes to it when having(after) sex(it takes time for the sperm to actually enter the egg.)

When you have sex the sperm swims to an egg and fertilizes it. Unless it dies before it even reaches an egg.

A single sperm will enter the egg and fertilisation takes place.

Sperm is killed when it is outside a human. When trying to enter an egg, most of the sperm will die.

As soon as one sperm fertilizes the egg, the egg's boundary changes and no further sperm are allowed to enter.

Yes, if the egg does not implant in the uterine lining.

The process is called fertilization

When sperm coming from the testis of a male person happens to enter the tube where the egg is , one sperm may unite with the egg.

Since sperm take a day or 2 to travel a inch and the egg is like 2 inches into the vagina im guessing around 2 or 4 days

After one enters the egg or ovum seals itself. The other sperm will die.

Conception is the act of an egg and sperm joining. Hence when conception occurs that means the egg has been fertilized.

An egg is fertilized when one sperm makes successful contact with the egg. An enzyme helps speed up the chemical reaction and the sperm can enter the egg.

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