How long does the Tasmanian devil stay in its mother's pouch?

Tasmanian devils' breeding season lasts from March to May. Female devils will mate with dominant males, who fight to gain their attention. Three weeks after conception, the females give birth to up to 50 babies, called joeys. These 50 extremely tiny joeys scramble to attach themselves to one of the four available teats in the mother's pouch. Those that do not make it will not survive.The remaining joeys will attach to the nipple in the pouch for roughly 3 months while they become fully developed. Like the wombat, the Tasmanian devil has a pouch that opens on the bottom to keep dirt out while traveling.After the joeys leave their mother's pouch, they remain hidden in the den for another 3 months. During this time the mother brings food to the young, and eventually the young devils begin venturing out on their own before finally leaving the den for good. They can live for up to 5 years in the wild.

A Tasmanian devil joey stays in its mother's pouch for up to four months, or between 100 and 120 days. It is then transferred to a den, until it is ready to leave its mother at abut 8 months old.