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How long does the average marriage last?

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If you love each other, forever.

If you don't, almost never.

If you guys feel like friends, a while...

If you're enemies? Well, call the judge on speed dial...

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How long does the average marriage in britain last?

How long does the average marriage in britainm last

How long does an average marriage last?

As long as the couple is alive

How long does the average marriage last in the us?

About 8 years.

How long will a marriage last if it was started by an affair?

Not for so long.

Open marriage how long does open marriage last?

It's up to the couple.

How long does a marriage last?

From a day to until you die.

How long does a sacramental marriage last?

For all of our lives.

How long did cheryl coles marriage last?

since 2006

How long is the average engagement before marriage?

The average length of an engagement before the wedding is a year.

How long did the marriage between Adam and Eve last in the Bible?


How long did Prince Charles and princess Diana marriage last?


How long did Henry viii and Anne of Cleve's marriage last for?


How long is the average US marriage?

I think it's about 5 to 6 year's

Should early marriage be encouraged?

No because chances are the marriage is not going to last that long because you are going to have a long life and who knows who you are going to meet and stuff like that.

How long does a snog last average?

as long as you want it to. go as long as your comfortable with.

How long does the average fever last?

As long as you allow it. Take Ibuprofin.

How long did the marriage to ann of cleves last?

The two were married for exactly 6 months.

How long did john f Kennedy's marriage last?

until death; ten years

How long did hitlers marriage last till he committed suicide?

Only a couple of hours.

How long did the marriage of Henry viii last to anne of cleves?

About 6-8 months.

How long does a average pro foolball game last?

an average of 4 hours

How long does the average tornado last?

The average tornado lasts 10 minutes.

How lond does marriage last?

The length of a marriage depends entirely upon the commitment of the man and woman involved. Marriages may last just a matter of hours, or they can last 75 years if both partners live long enough.

How long does the average play last in the NFL?

The average play would last about 5-15 seconds. about 8 seconds

How long does an average cold last?

A couple of days.