How long does the bank look for a car that has a repossession order in New York?


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In NYS how long do Banks/FCU's look for a car that needs to be repossessed? UNTIL they find it. Cars DONT fall off the face off the earth, now do they?

Is the Bank or credit union automtcly notified when the car is registered? In some states YES, common skip practice by lenders and repo companies is to check that.

What does a bank do when they cannot find the vehicle?": IF it is WORTH finding, they dont "not find a vehicle". The Lender gets a JUDGEMENT against the debtor for the balance due on the loan in any case. They can then garnish wages, attach other property,ect. MERRY CHRISTMAS


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Of course, call your bank and pay them what you owe and they will let you have it back as long as you have not waited so long that they have sold it to someone else.

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There will be a long waiting period for the bank to send you a notice. You can call the bank for faster answers. There will be a long waiting period for the bank to send you a notice. You can call the bank for faster answers.

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Normally a repossession stays on your credit rating for 7 years. If you are repaying the loan, talk to the bank and see if they have reported it. They may or may not have.

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To answer your question simply, a repossession order will typically be a 60 day repossession order. If however you do not contest the repossession or don't turn up to the hearing it is more likely to be a 30 day repossession order. However, you are not clear if you have even received a notice of intended court action or a court date. There is no hard, fast, rule which states when each lender will start repossession proceedings, they can be after just 1 missed payment - the average is between 2 and 3 missed payments. This answer above has been copy & pasted from which is a UK site So if you are from outside the UK it may be different...

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The repossession stays on your credit report for 7 years.

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