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six month suspension

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Does a ticket from New Jersey affect your record in New Jersey even if you have a New York licence?

Yes, it does.

Can i get a drivers licence in New Hampshire with a unresolved DUI in California without going back to California?

No,its still on your record no matter what.Theyll still see that.My advice to you is get it resolved.

Does a DUI show up on record with another state with no drivers licence number from the out of state DUI?

Yes, the offenses are customarily also cross-indexed by the individuals name and DOB.

Can you be a cop in Texas if you have an expunged record?

If you have a felony charge on your record you will not be able to get your licence

Can you get a CDL with a driving under suspension still on your driving record?

It won't stop you from getting a licence, but a conviction of a charge of driving on a suspended licence usually adds four points to your drivers licence. If it occurred within the last three years, four points is going to be enough to prevent you from being able to find employment as a CDL driver.

Do warrants show up on driver licence record?


Does Geico offer New Jersey car insurance for bad drivers?

Geico does offer insurance for someone with a less then perfect driving record. The Premiums are fairly large although for someone with strikes on their record.

How long does vehicle code 21461A stay on your record?

If you are referring to your drivers license record -- it will ALWAYS remain on your record. Your drivers record is a complete compilation of your entire driving history.

What are the entrance requirements for an EMT school?

Schools vary from state to state, so what they want is very subjective. Some of the things that are needed in every state is, a valid drivers licence, 18+ and no criminal record.

How long does a class C traffic misdemeanor stay on your record in Missouri?

If you are referring to your drivers license record, it will always remain as part of your permanent drivers record.

How many years does a DUI conviction remain on a drivers record?

A record of a DUI conviction on your drivers license history is permanent.

How long does a dwi stay on your diving record in New Jersey?

how long dose a dwi or DUI stay on your record in New Jersey

How long does a picture stays in your driver license record?

Every time you renew your licence you get a new photo taken. Check the expiration date on your licence.

The DMV keeps a record of your traffic convictions for?

Your drivers history is a lifelong record.

How long does a DWI stay in your record in New Mexico?

DWI will always remain on your drivers record. Your drivers record doesn't ever "go away." It is a permanent record of your driving from the first day that you were issued your first license.

How long does a suspended license stay on your record in Michigan?

AnswerThe answer varies by state.any suspension or violation will stay on your drivers abstract (drivers record) Forever

Does virgin car insurance have benefits for good drivers?

Virgin car insurance does have good benefits for good drivers. Car insurance benefits will depend on the drivers record, car type and driving record.

What are the objectives of school health services?

to maintain a comprehensive health record system

How long does a DUI charge stay on your record in Washington state?

On your drivers record - forever. Criminal charge - same answer. You can petition the court to have your criminal record 'expunged' but your drivers history is exactly that - your driving history.

Does having had a licence suspension give you a criminal record?

If you're referring to a driver's license - no.

Class e felony for driving without a license plus you are on 5 years probation will this charge stay on your record for life its been 4 years?

The criminal offense for which you are serving the sentence of probation will always remain on your criminal history record, unless expunged. Your drivers license violation will always remain on your drivers record. Your drivers record is PERMANENT record and cannot be expunged.

How long do record stay on your drivers license?


What information does you drivers license have?

Your drivers license will have the following:NameAddress of recordLicence type and class (CDL, Class A, B, C, etc)Endorsements and restrictionsHair colourEye colourHeightBirthdateIssue dateExpiration dateState issued identification numberWhether or not you're an organ donorSome states may also include race and/or Social Security Number, but this is a rather uncommon practice anymore.Your license doesn't actually contain your driving record, criminal history, etc. - when you're pulled over, your licence plate is entered into a computer, to pull up the owner's information. This will tell the police officer whether or not the owner of the vehicle has any outstanding warrants, whether the plate and registration are still valid, etc.Once the police officer has your licence, they will then run THAT through the system, using your drivers licence number (the aforementioned state id number), and that will pull up information. The licence itself doesn't contain any of that information - it just serves as a reference point for information about you to be retrieved.

When was the coldest day in new Jersey on record?


How do you obtain your drivers license number?

I'd say simply by looking at your driver's licence, but I'm going to assume you've lost it. You can get it by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles for your state. One way (although it may not the simplest way) is to get a copy of your driving record (MVR), which will show your licence number on it. If you have a current insurance policy, you should be able to contact your insurance provider and get it from them, as well.