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Well, considering that one is only fertile when one is ovulating, and that the egg released during ovulation is only around for about 24 hours, does that help answer the question? Honestly, I think the "fertile period" is really a fairly small window every month, so just try to have some sperm lying in wait when that egg is released!

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The fertile phase is around 9 days - depending on the womans fertility, also the mans.

A woman may release more than one egg during the 24 hour period that she ovulates, so potentially that's 48 hours maximum when there may be a viable egg present to fertilize.

For around a week prior to ovulation and during ovulation a woman will also produce fertile cervical mucus: mucus that normally plugs-up the cervical opening changes in texture to become more favourable to sperm to provide a medium through which sperm can swim through up to the fallopian tubes. The sperm 'hibernate' in the fallopian tubes waiting for the egg to be released, between womans vaginal environment and sperm quality the sperm may survive for up to a week.

So collectively:

  • Ovulation = 48 hours.
  • FCM = < 7 days.

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Q: How long does the fertile period last?
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