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How long does the flavor of Stride gum last?

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The flavor of Stride gum lasts about twenty minutes.

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What gum flavor last longest?

strawberry or mystery stride gum

Which gum flavor last the longest stride or big red?

stride no dought

Which bubble gum holds its flavor the longest trident gum or stride gum?

stride gum holds the most flavor you could chew stride gum for at least an hour with flavor

What flavor of gum last longest stride or 5 gum?

spearmint in my opinoin

Does stride bubble gum last longer flavor?

No it lasts less than a few hours. There isn't many long lasting gum.

Does trident gum last longer then stride gum?

I think that stride gum is the long lasting gum in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the flavor of stride gum mega mystery?

The flavor of the new stride gum (mystery) is... strawberry soda pop!

What is the real flavor of Stride Mega Mystery gum?

The Stride Mega Mystery gum flavor is Gummy Bears.

What is the difference between 5 gum stride gum and orbit gum?

there is really no difference between stride gum and orbit but the difference of 5 gum is that it has a more intense flavor and it last longer!

How long does trident gum flavor last?

Well, it doesn't last too long. At least 10-15 minutes or so. But, i do recommend stride gum. it's the best and it's flavor last the longest out of all the gum i tried. so try it!:) p.s this is just my opinion. !!:p

Which gum flavor last longer?

Well they have made i new kind of gum called stride it is made to last longer so probaly stride would last the longer hope that helps there is a new gum called 5 gum and that lasts a really long time. There is um mentos and it lasts for 2 hours .

Does stride last longer than extra and trident layers?

yes stride lasts longer than both becuz stride has a much stronger flavor and there is no time limit when the gum looses its flavor

How does flavor last so long in gum?

The flavor in gum lasts so long because of the igredients in the gum

What flavor is the new stride mystery flavor gum?

It the zebra gum you know the one with the tattoos

What is the flavor of mystery stride gum?

They will find me...

Does stride gum's or extra gum's flavor last longer?

Between the two, Stride gum lasts much longer, but 5 has the longest lasting flavor of all gums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What gum last long?

I prefer Stride or 5.

How long does gum flavor last?

That depends on the gum;]

What is the flavor of mega mystery stride gum?

it might be gummy bears but you can go to the stride gum website to get an idea

What gum has the longest flavor 5 or orbit?


Which chewing gum holds its flavor the most?


Is the flavor of stride gum artificial or natural?


What is the best tasting flavor of Stride gum Most specifically Seet Berry Sweet Cinnamon or Always Mandarin?

the best tasting flavor of stride gum Most specifically is Always Mandarin and sweet berry the best tasting flavor of stride gum Most specifically is Always Mandarin and sweet berry the best tasting flavor of stride gum Most specifically is Always Mandarin and sweet berry

Why does stride gum last so long?

little miniones

Which flavor of gum lasts longer 5 orbit or stride?

stride all the way

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