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For as long as you let it , if it feels right let it rock !

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Q: How long does the honeymoon phase last?
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If a couple can't keep their hands off each other and are very attracted and want to get married does it guarantee a long marriage and how long does the honeymoon phase really last?

the only thing that will last is true commitment as well as sacrifice, and the honeymoon phase will last as long as you want it to

How long does the honeymoon phase in a rebound relationship last?

my ex is in one for 1.5 months, so I'm not sure

What is diabetic honeymoon phase?

I never heard of that! If you're diabetic, make sure you have enough medicine to last you through the honeymoon!

How long is the so called honeymoon phase?

It's different for everyone.

How long doe the honeymoon phase in a relationship usually last for?

it depends upon the stamina of both the partners sex craving, how ever if under standing,adjustment is progressed whole life is an eternal honeymoon. good luck.

How can you ignore the honeymoon phase of an abusive relationship?

The word ignore does not belong in the same sentence with the word abuse. I have never heard of a honeymoon phase, what exactly is this. The honeymoon in a healthy relationship can last as long as the two people want, its what they put into it. Get therapy or counseling on why you would accept this and dont delay. You are not supposed to ignore an abusive relationship that is how they abuser gains power over time......

How long does the honeymoon period last in a new relationship?

typically about a week

How long should the Honeymoon last?

A honeymoon can last however long you want it too. Usually 2 weeks to a month. Or until you get bored of having non-stop romance, makeout sessions, and sex.

Wonder how long the honeymoon will last?

i cant really answers that because I have not been on honeymoon. It will last as long as the couple puts their loved ones needs before their own. Once they stop doing that and become selfish and stop serving one another in love...the honeymoon is over.

Which post disaster phase is generally characterized by optimism due to an infusion of resources?

Honeymoon phase.

Which post disaster phase is generally charatrized by optimism due to an infusion of resources?

Honeymoon phase

What is the origin of honeymoon phase phrase?

there was a time when it was customary for the groom to provide honey to the bride's father within the first full moon, thus it became known as the honeymoon phase

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