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How long does the numbness last after a dental procedure?


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Depends on how much they shot you up with. Typically, after 24 hours your mouth should relatively be back to normal. No more fuzzy tongue and 3ft long chin.

It depends on where the injection was and what procedure was performed. Most dentist say that you should not be feeling the effect of the local anesthetic after 6 hours. If you had wisdome ( third molars) removed you may experience it for sometime if the nerve was bruised or damaged from the extraction.


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it depends how long it last and why you are numb. after some surgery you can expect ( or it can happen) that numbness can last up to a year. after some infected root canals it can be a few weeks or months. just to be numb for fillings should wear off in a few hours.

I had a graph done (bottom right) 11 weeks ago. I will go in the two implants next year. I still have numbness in my lip and most of my chin. I'm not sure if this is normal...sure wish I had feeling.

Dental implants usually last as long as a real tooth, however this depends on the type of materials that were used for your dental implant. Taking good care of your dental implants also play a big role in how long the implants will last.

Local anesthetics should not last more than 6-12 hours. If you still feel numbess or tingling, you could have suffered some nerve damage, and you should talk to your dental surgeon just in case.

If it is related to a dental procedure, see your dental specialist immediately. The dental professional will probably prescribe prednisone in staggered doses for a period of six days. If you catch it early enough (like after two days and realize that it is just not stiffness from the procedure), many clients find significant relief in the pain and pressure within hours. Obviously, it is always dependent upon on your condition and response to the prescription.

well mostly acrylic dental crown used as a temporary crown however some patient prefer acrylic dental crown because it is much cheaper in compare to porcelain crown anyway about your question how long does a acrylic dental crown last?..Actually acrylic dental crown will last for about 3 to 4 years due crown discoloration and marked abrasion.

it could be that you burned it and your taste buds are burnt

The procedure is suppose to be a permanent type of procedure its suppose to last a life time but i also have read in studies the average life span and it shown in a study that dental amalgam filling lasts about 13 years and composite filling lasted about 8. So it really all depends.

Dental Implants are not an inexpensive procedure. Some countries offer them at a less expensive rate but can still be upwards of $700. Dental Implants are expensive but can give you the most realistic and long lasting replacement for missing teeth.

Lumineers are durable, but the application procedure does damage the tooth enamel, so you need to pay greater attention to dental hygiene and visit the dentist every 6 months to have them checked.

Yes, as long as your gums and jaw bones are healthy, you can have a dental implant. If you have gum problems, this may need to be addressed first before a dental implant is installed in your mouth. You can find more information about this procedure on this

If there is nerve damage, it can last forever. If it's just numbing medication, then about 1-2 hours.

my doctor told me it would last anywhere from 45-55 minutes

This depends on the strength of the solution used as an anaesthetic - but, up to two or three hours would not be unusual. After about an hour there should only be partial numbness and then a tingling feeling might persist for a while.

The entire procedure, from beginning to end, lasts about 30 minutes

Dental implants are not forever, but they do last longer than anything else on the dental market and clinical landscape.

No more than 10 minutes. You just need to let the circulation move again.

The procedure normally takes about 30 minutes. The results are meant to be permanent.

A word for a long complicated procedure is: 'Rigmarole' CCo A word for a long complicated procedure is: 'Rigmarole' CCo

depends can be about 5-7 hours until all the numbness is gone

In Virginia, dentists must keep dental records for non-active patients for three years from the patient's last visit. For active patients, records must be kept indefinitely.

Usually after a successful procedure pain should be gone after a few weeks.

When I had my wisdom teeth out I never went to a hospital. It was done in the dental office and that was that. If you are going to a hospital it will be an outpatient procedure and you won't stay. This really is NOT a major thing to happen.

Maybe touching something to cold for to long,or not moving around,etc. Many things can cause numbness.

the thing that causes numbness is wen the leg is not moved for a long time or too much exercise without message afterwards

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