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Please take all legal papers re the father and any court documents and see "Child Welfare." They can help to answer your question. Good luck Marcy If the father was the abuser, CPS will monitor the familyn a regular basis, including interviews with the child, relatives, teachers, etc., until said child reaches the age of majority. If the father was not the abuser there may be followed ups for a short period of time to see how the child is adjusting. If there are no specific terms cited in the custody order,there will be no monitoring by CPS/DFS unless a "just cause" claim is presented to the agency of jurisdiction.

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Q: How long does the state of Tennessee monitor a father after giving him custody of his child who has been in foster care for almost a year because of neglect and abuse?
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Can a parent loose custody because of neglect?

Yes, but clear evidence needs to be established.see links

Can a parent give the custody of a thirteen year old to her daughter's boyfriend?

No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.

Can custody be overturned when the court order is not obeyed?

Yes, the judge can over rule the custody order due to neglect on ones behalf.

Can a non custodial parent gain custody because of the neglect of the childrens attendance in school?

Of itself, no. As a part of a large case, possibly. see links

Can you get sole custody back after having joint?

With clear and substantial evidence of abuse and neglect

How do you get awarded custody back after losing custody?

When a child is taken by the state, the parents have to follow a case plan to ensure safety of the children. Children go into state custody in cases of abuse and neglect.

Can paternal grandparents get custody of newborn?

If the new parents agree to it or if their parental rights are taken away due to neglect etc you can file for custody as a grandparent if that is legal in your state.

If you sign custody away willing can you get it back?

You have to petition the court for it. There has to be a big change in circumstance. Neglect, abuse ect.

How can you gain custody of younger siblings?

When trying to gain custody of younger siblings, abuse and neglect have to be proven. Some states are more third party friendly, and you will need an attorney to petition the court.

What was the term for the neglect of the 13 colonies by the king because of European and domestic distractions?

Salutary Neglect

Can a non custodial parent get full custody if the custodial parent is charged with neglect?

Being charged with neglect means there has not yet been a final determination. If the custodial parent is found guilty of child neglect the court can terminate their custody. Child neglect is an element of child endangerment and is one of the factors a court considers to find a parent unfit. Unless the non-custodial parent has also been determined to be an unfit parent they would be the next choice to whom the court would award legal custody.The non-custodial parent should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues as soon as possible. The attorney can review the situation and explain the options and how to proceed.See related question.

If your child is being neglected by their mother who has custody?

If you suspect neglect, you can call your local child services and post a complaint. You can tell them who you are and how concerned you are.

Can the father get full custody if the mother has a gambling addiction?

Only if you can prove in the courts that her addiction is harmful and is causing severe neglect to her children.

How can your child's father's mother get emergency temporary custody of your child with no proof of abuse or neglect or endangerment?

To my knowledge, if a state agency is not involved because of negelct or abuse, your mother-in-law can get temporary custody if you go to family court and ask that she take temporary custody until you are ready to take them back; it could be because you are having financial difficulty, hospitalization or other issue that you need to deal with As far as your mother-in-law getting custody against your will, I don't think that can happen. If it is happening, you need to contact your local Child Protective Services.

What would be good reasons to take custody away from a mother?

Significant and provable abuse and neglect, otherwise go for bird nest. see links

Can the Division of Family and Child Services take your child if you already have 6 in DFACS custody?

You haven't provided any details. Generally, if the conditions that resulted in the loss of custody still exist the answer is yes. Especially if the prior findings involve abuse and/or neglect.

What if your niece is almost 17 and wants to live with you Her parents would not allow it How can you legally get her in your custody?

You would have to get a court order. There is going to have to be abuse or neglect in order for them to do that.

How did salutary neglect affect the economy of the colonies?

Because there ges

What steps do grandparents need to take to get legal custody of grandchild whose parents are awaiting trail for child endangerment and neglect?

File a child in need of care motion with the court.

Can an unmarried father win sole custody from the unmarried mother?

Yes, but the circumstances would have to be extreme. Courts are very reluctant torevoke custody rights from a parent(s) unless there is substantial evidence that neglect or abuse has occurred. The main issue courts take into consideration when granting custody,(sole or joint), is the well-being of the child, not the wishes of the parent(s).

Can a non relative get custody of a thirteen year old in need of a good home?

Yes, it is possible in cases such as child abuse, abandonment, neglect or if the parents are deceased and there are no other living relatives who are willing to take custody of the child. If that is the case you should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues and adoptions. The legal process will be complicated and you will need expert advice and guidance.

Why did Britain end salutary neglect?

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Why do foster parents neglect or abuse foster children?

because there sad

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