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Q: How long does the white spruce tree live for?
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What kind of tree is the tallest and longest tree in Canada?

It is a white spruce tree and it is 200 ft long

What are the characteristics of a white spruce tree?

its a tree

Are white pine and spruce the same?

No, although there is a White Spruce tree. Both pine and spruce trees are part of the same family.

Is there a threat to the White Spruce Tree?

no there is not

Is a white spruce tree a gymnosperm?


What is the tree of South Dakota?

The state tree of South Dakota is the white spruce.

What is Manitoba's official tree?

The official tree of Manitoba is the White Spruce.Popular and easily-recognized, the White Spruce, Picea glauca, is able to survive in virtually all climatic and environmental regions of Manitoba. Most well-known as a traditional 'Christmas' tree, the white spruce is often cultivated for that purpose.

What is the scientific name for a white spruce tree?

Picea glauca

Do any animals live in a blue spruce tree?


What spruce tree is an and a maple tree is a?

A spruce tree is a tree of the genus Picea. A maple is a tree of the genus Acer. The spruce is an evergreen and the maple is a deciduous tree

What s the life cycle of a white spruce tree?

First, squirrels produce

Is a spruce tree a type of gymnosperm?

Yes, spruce is a gymnosperm tree

Why can several species of warblers live in the same spruce tree?

They can occupy different niches within the tree.

What is unlike a spruce tree?

Every other tree is unlike a spruce tree.

Types of Christmas trees?

scotch tree, canan tee white and blue spruce

What trees live in the taiga?

spruce,fur,and conifer also the pine tree

What is the ONLY reason that several species of warblers can live in the same spruce tree?

occupy different niches within the tree

What is the state tree of South Dakota?

The Black Hills Spruce is the state tree of South Dakota.The Black Hills Spruce is a regional variety of white spruce (Picea glauca) found only in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

How long do white's tree frogs live?

they live for 3-5 years and i love them great for beginners

What Has short stiff needles joined individually to the branch?

A spruce tree.

What type of tree is a spruce tree and what type of tree is a maple tree?

A spruce is a conifer,softwood and evergreen. A maple is a deciduous hardwood.

What is spruce?

A spruce is an evergreen tree of the family Abies.

Is the white powder on the blue spruce tree a fungus?

No. The powder's what gives the tree its color. It can be washed off during rain and snow fall events, and wiped off. And that's why some blue spruce trees can dull in color over time.

Is a spruce tree a conifer tree?

no. it is a type of chocolate Yes a spruce is a type of conifer.

What is the scientific name for blue spruce tree?

The scientific name for the blue spruce tree is pigea pungens