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The dog's gestation period is 64 days, so about two months after you remove the male you can expect puppies if the female got pregnant.

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Q: How long for puppies after our female was exposed to a male?
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How much does it cost to neuter a female puppy?

Female puppies get spayed. Male puppies get neutered.

Would a female dog still have puppies if a male died?

Yes it would as long as it was already pregnant.

Can male dogs have puppies?

Female dogs have puppies after mating with a male dog. So no, unless they had a sex change.

How do you make your dog have puppies?

a male and female will have sex

Why do male puppies hump their female owers?

domination. Female dogs do it too.

How do you make a female dog have puppies?

Mate it with a male dog when the female is in season.

Are Male or female puppies easier to train?

female because they are not as aggressive as males

Why does your male dog growl at your female when he is by her puppies?

If you mean why a female dog growls at a male when he is by her puppies then its because the female is protective of her pups. Females often growl at other dogs- male or female- as a warning, meaning stay away from my pups. But when she growls at her mate, she is warning him to be careful. If its why the male growls at the female when he goes by the puppies, I'm not quite sure. Probably because he is telling her not to attack him.

Should you get male or female puppies?

it depends on what family is looking.

What is a sire a male or female dog?

A sire is a male dog who is the father of a litter of puppies.

What do they are used for male dogs and female dogs?

A male dog is a Boy and a female dog is a girl. If they breed, then they could have puppies.

Should i get a female or male dog?

you should get a female if you want it to have puppies or you should get a male if you want to play with your dog all the time i have a male dog

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