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Q: How long has Barbara and Diane been in the office?
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How long has Barbara Mikulski been in office?

5 terms and 27 years

How long has brian sandoval been in office?

he has been in office for 4 years

How long has Nicolas Sarkozy been in office?

he has been approximatly 9 years in office!

How long has sir john a MacDonald been in office?

he has been in office for 18 years

How long has sunny Purdue been in office?

too long

How long has Max Baucus been in office?

TOO Long!!

How long has debbie stabenow been in office?

a long time.

How long has Diane Amos been the Pine Sol lady?

Since 1993. 9 years.

How long has Bloomberg been in office?

He took office on 1 January 2002.

How long has Hillary Clinton been in office?

she was in the office for like 2 years

How long has Barbara Windsor been in EastEnders?

Her first appearance was in April 1991. :)

How long have Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein been California senators?

She has been senator since 1992.

How long has afghanistans leader been in office?

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's president, has been in office since 2004.

How long has Benjamin Netanyahus been in office?

Benjamin Netanyahu has been in office since March 31st 2009

How long has mernino been in office?

6 months

What has the author DIane Hoeveler Long written?

DIane Hoeveler Long has written: 'Approaches to teaching gothic fiction'

How long has Obama been in office?

Obama has been in office for just over a year since 1-20-09.

How long has the post office been around?

it has been around for over a centennial

How long was Gordon Campbell in office?

He's been in office since June 5, 2001. He will have been in office for 9 years this June 5 (2010).

How long has the Emperor of Japan been in office?

30 Years

How long has Bobby Jindal been in office?

for 20 years

How long has Tom Harkin been in office?

25 years.

How long has Maine's governor been in office?

Since 2003.

How long has Hosni Mubarak been in office?

30 years

How long has Orrin Hatch been in office?

5 Terms.